Winter Anime 2014 Music Talk With Tsukiyo no Mako’s 123

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A late entry, but one last thing to consider for the Winter Anime season: music! We talk with Tsukiyo no Mako blogger 123, and he answered a few questions for us!

Organization ASG: Just in general, are there any winter anime series you’re looking forward to watching this season?

123: I will be eagerly awaiting the second season of Silver Spoon, and eagerly-but-not-quite-so-much looking forward to the new Chuunibyou. Space Dandy looks cool as well. And I really want Pupa to be good, but since it’s short I’m not sure how well it’s going to work. There’s a few more that look okay, and I’ll pick up/drop as the season goes along.

What winter anime series should most of us be paying attention to, music wise?

Space Dandy? The OP, “Viva Namida” sounds unique and charismatic, and while I haven’t heard a preview of the ED “X Jigen e Yokoso”, it’s a collaboration between Etsuko Yakushimaru and Yoko Kanno, and is also composed by the same person who did Etsuko’s Penguindrum music. Which were two rather interesting pieces. The OST seems like some nice old-school type stuff too.

Any OP and ED singers/bands we don’t know about now that we might be hearing about at the end of the season?

What about Pay Money For My Pain? They’re doing the OP to Nobunagun, which might get some talk. For being full-on metalcore with screams and all, if nothing else!

Another might be Goose House, who are performing the Silver Spoon S2’s ED. I haven’t heard much of their music yet, but someone who’s musical opinions I respect said she’s a fan of them, so I’m hoping they’ll impress.

Any bold predictions A) regarding the music scene in the winter anime season B) regarding any anime in the winter season in general?

I don’t have a bold bone in my body! Regarding the anime music scene, it’ll probably be okay I suppose. Out of around a hundred songs I’ve heard previews of, fifteen or so sounded like tracks I could listen to repeatedly. That’s probably not too bad, given the amount of crap that circulates the anison world. And then there’s always the cutesy tracks I’m happy to listen to while watching, but wouldn’t touch otherwise.

…that wasn’t really a “bold prediction”, was it?

Regarding anime, my prediction is “no crap LN adapta…” wait, that’s a bit too much to ask. Nah, I don’t have any opinions on the winter anime season.

If you got any music related thing everyone should be on the lookout for, feel free to share in the comments below!

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