Best of Reference Resource Mondays (2013)


Welp, this was met with great success last year, so I might as well do so once again: A round up of all the best links of 2013! Well, that I linked to for Reference Resource Mondays. But it’s not merely just your standard links: it’s hopefully stuff that can stand the test of time from when it was written. For example, last year’s stuff that I linked to still manage to be fairly useful today. That’s what I hope to accomplish for this one, and I hope for those who may not have caught those links the first time, to take some time to read these whenever you get the chance. So here you go!

  1. Bespectacled: Clearly Seeing the Appeal of Megane (Shance and Yi)
  2. Archived: The Filipino Anibloggers’ Survey (Jay Agonoy)
  3. How Do You Watch Your Anime in 2013? (Justin)
  4. What Got You Into Anime? (Martin)
  5. Why has anime made so little progress on Western markets over 30 years? (Martin)
  6. 9b. An Insider’s Perspective on Manga Translation (Andria)
  7. Writing “Strong” Female Characters (Kathyrn)
  8. Animating Society (Illogicalzen)
  9. In Defense of Fujoshi NSFW (Kathyrn)
  10. Liking “bad” anime (Yumeka)
  11. Will You Still Watch and Enjoy Anime as You Grow Older? (Marow)
  12. Plague of game dev harassment erodes industry, spurs support groups (Brian)
  13. Answerman – Tech Specs (Justin)
  14. Pointless Debate #38: Oreimo as a Symbol of Cultural Decline (EmperorJ)
  15. Maybe you’re the reason anime is dying (Lauren)
  16. Things I hate about Japan: Chikan (Perverts) (Grace)
  17. 10 Notable Waltzes in Anime (Yu)
  18. Am I An Anime Hipster? (Leap250)
  19. How To Have A Painless Argument About Anime On The Internet (Froggykun)
  20. Distinguishing Visual Novels: Part I, Part II, Part III (Deluscar)
  21. Where your Crunchyroll dollars really go: An interview with the CEO (Lauren)
  22. What Anime Reviewers Think Are The Best and Worst Anime of All Time (Scamp)
  23. Fandom Frustration: Time to Peel Off the Labels (G-Nitro)
  24. Anime Music Bootlegs: Figuring out the fakes from the real thing (Christopher)
  25. Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex? (Abigail)
  26. On Videogame Reviews (Tevis)
  27. Is anime fandom dying? Nope, just growing up (Charles)
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