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Under Those Piles of Reports: Lupin III — The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Hey, remember that anime called Lupin III but it mostly revolved around Mine Fujiko? Or to be more proper, remember that anime with some old style like animation and Fujiko consistently showing her tits and generally naked about half the time? Yeah, that aired last year in the Spring. It’s slated for a release in the US next week. But of course I managed to get a copy of it before its date, and I plan to review it in full sometime next week as well (hopefully). However, might as well talk about it briefly, and give you a bit of what has surprised me so far in my re-watch of Lupin III: Fujiko Mine.

Lupin III -- The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
Well now we’re off to a good start aren’t we

Obviously, what stands out so far (I’ve watched the first three episodes of the Sub and the Dub) is of course how Fujiko is basically the star in this version of Lupin, and they make sure to go out of the way to make that happen.

Lupin III -- The Woman Called Fujiko Mine
No, really, I’m serious. As if those pairs didn’t prove anything.

But for me, what stood out was the bit of foreshadowing of what happens later in the series. If you did watch the anime we had a plot that involved a number of Owls and their weird and trippy selves. It basically dominated how the anime went aesthetically and of course visually. The first three episodes provide small hints to the latter half of the story:

Ep 1

Lupin III Mine Fujiko Owl 1

Ep 2

Lupin III Mine Fujiko Owl 2

Ep 3

Lupin III Mine Fujiko Owl 3

Yeah, I wouldn’t have known about the Owls being crucial had I not watched the series all the way through last year (and I especially would not have been aware of the owls on the glass in Ep 2), but that’s what re-watching an anime’s for. Doubly so if you like it as well, which I did. My understanding of it now (though I believe this was expressed around the end though) was how Fujiko was being followed/watched all the way at the start, though in small ways. We did know that this would be Fujiko’s story though, so this is probably not new to anyone. Anyways, so far the three episodes have been just as good as they were last year, except for Episode 3. I did not like Episode 3…last year. In watching it again now, I have no idea how I didn’t laugh at the sheer awesomeness of Goemon Ishikawa. He’s just a character on another level.

You probably won’t believe me when I say this, but the dub is awesome. I think just the style of this Lupin really fits as a dub, and it sounds that way as well. Thankfully though this is Fujiko’s story and not Lupin’s, because Lupin’s VA (Sonny Strait) is not good. I mean, it just doesn’t seem to fit the entire Lupin persona/lore at all, and that’s kind of disappointing, because everyone else’s roles are great so far. Michelle Ruff (aside from her speaking in the OP) is probably close to perfect so far in her role as Fujiko, getting the right amount of being seductive and aggressive in her scenes; Mike McFarland works well enough as Goemon (I’d still take the JP VA though); and Christopher Sabat as Jigen is pretty darn good. It’s also has a few small touches (for example, in Ep 2 they added a sound effect to Mine’s bet with Cicciolina) that really fit with the tone of the scene.

So yeah, I’m really thinking this should be a worthwhile look into the series again, and next week instead of mostly giving you a brief preview of Fujiko Mine, it’ll be me telling you why you should go buy it or go watch it streaming online. I hope.

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