Name’s Sebastian


My name is Sebastian and I’m the new blogger in town.

Basically, I started life as a small fetus kicking around in my mother’s womb, and grew to become a full-fledged otaku with a love for fiction and writing. I’m in my mid-teens, but I’m also a vaguely successful freelance writer and the founder of Inkwaters Freelance Writing Agency.

People know me as an aspirational person with a unique writing style. They also know me as that weird kid with his eyes glued to a laptop screen. I have a penchant for lying down in odd places, staying up long after everybody else has gone to bed, and reading anime reviews on OASG.

I hope once you get to know me, you might like me, or possibly adore me, I don’t know. I’m just that awesome.

Likes: ghosts, scary movies, kittens, The Vampire Diaries.

Dislikes: licorice, spiders, people who are too nice, bad dubs.

Quote: I punched somebody once. It hurt my knuckles. It hurt their face more.

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Basically a get together of geniuses. Or something like that.

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