Time For Some Social Media Reminders


I seem to be in love with stalling Reference Resource Mondays. First it was due to the call for writers post (which, btw, deadline’s today!), and today it’s because I might as well ask for you readers to do a few things! And they all involve social media!


I know most of you guys have some sort of social media, from Twitter to Facebook and maybe even Google+ (which isn’t used for much more than me linking posts), so I’m calling for you to consider keeping in touch with our posts like so! And especially now that more content will be coming your way for the Summer season, you may just find it easier to read a post by following the Twitter feed or liking our Facebook page. So, one more reminder:

Follow Us on Twitter: OrganizationASG

  • Expect to only get posts and nothing but our posts on this feed. Expect daily posts here.

Like us on Facebook: OrganizationASG

  • You will also get our posts as well if you like us here. 
  • …But that’s not all! You may find me sharing content from other Facebook pages that I follow. They could be something interesting or something you just need to know!
  • And every other week I link articles I’ve read over the few weeks or may have been leftover from this week’s Reference Resource Mondays and have them here.

Add us On Google+

  • Again, I mostly use this to link posts, and unless I can figure some other way to use it, that’s how it will be.

Anything Else To Mention?

Just two things: One, you can also get our posts via email, or you can subscribe to our RSS Feed. Also, feel free to comment on our posts! Don’t worry, we won’t kill you — we’ll only kill you halfway we definitely appreciate your thoughts, whether you like the article or you have an issue or two that needs correction, etc! And it’s also not that hard to comment either: all you need to do is have your name, your email (and only the admins on the site can see it, no one else can), then say what you have to say.

Otherwise, that will be all for today. Expect Reference Resource Mondays to come back next week!

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Justin is the Editor-in-Chief, or overseer of 90% of what goes out, of this site. He might insert a sports reference in a post every now and then.

2 thoughts on “Time For Some Social Media Reminders

  1. I don’t get to see all the posts from pages I’ve subscribed to on Facebook, which is a deal breaker to me. Good ol’ RSS and/or Google+ generally work much better for me 😉

    • Huh, really? That’s kind of odd. Then again FB has its formatting woes…oh well, just liking the page would be cool enough xD

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