Remembering Love Week 1 Roundup

Hiya. See, there’s this Remembering Love thing that started last Sunday. Might as well get you to go read them!

  • We start off with thehippiefreak and his selection is of some comedy involving high school students who…look like adult men?!? Oh, it’s Cromartie High School. That makes perfect sense! 
  • Anna ends up writing about an anime that used to air on Toonami many years ago called Zatch Bell I mean Konjiki no Gash Bell. I remember I stopped watching the series on TV at some point. Maybe I should take some time to watch the subs…
  • James is gonna be covering Puella Magi Madoka Magica for what looks to be the few Sundays of this month. I.E, time to again find out just how great Kyubey is!…oh wait.
  • And I took some time to cover Digimon S1. Because it is Digimon S1. And for most of you, it was a part of your childhood!

Anyways, go give a read to the articles I linked to! And that concludes Week 1. Week 2 will be tomorrow! Again, feel free to join in whenever you want!

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