Attack on Titan 5: So Where’s The Shock and Outrage?

Don’t you think it’s rare that a main character dies so early in a series?

Let me then say this: don’t you think it’s rare that a main character in a shounen work dies so early in a series? Well, this is the choice Hajime Isayama made, and based on reaction I’ve seen online, there have been some that were shocked and surprised — and also skeptical/in tears of laughter — in how it was adapted in anime form. But I leave all comparison talk in the manga section, since I’ve read it. For now, the simple question is when that moment at the end happened, what did you really think? 

Now, as for something I’ve picked up on aside from just the ending is the side people have taken in regards to humanity and the titans. Tony wrote about the reactions himself, but it only makes sense that I point it out how instead it being the other way around, I think people watching the anime just want to see the titans eat the humans. It seems pretty odd. Is it because of the style Araki is going with in regards to directing the anime? Or is it the visuals which may give the manga series a new (and considerably more refined) look, but may not convey exactly the tone Isayama had in mind? That’s why it’s always tricky when you adapt a comic work into entertainment form, as choices have to be made that, while sticking to the source material as closely as possible, manage to fit the anime schedule. But of course, entertainment produces different types of emotion from different people, so it might not have mattered anyways how the tone would be. I just find the reactions…well, can’t say surprising because Attack on Titan has its nits, and I knew going in it’s not for everyone, but I find it mostly curious.

Anyways, for the most part, the anime has been just good, silly, dark shounen fun for me. It’s rough around the edges and in cases the adaptation has laid it on thick with more heroism speech than probably necessary. But I expected it to be a pretty solid work, and so far, it has lived up to the expectations I have set for it. It will be interesting to see how it will go from here. 


  • We finally completed Volume 1. That took…4 and half episodes. Keep in mind that Volume 4 still isn’t finished yet.
  • There actually wasn’t too many deviations from the manga for the most part. But there were three scenes in the anime that was anime only:
  • This is merely curious, but considering how the AoT anime staff decided to tell the work, maybe not a surprise. But I guess for the anime watchers it’s good to get to know who Commander Pixis is. My complaint is did we really need to see how spoiled humans are when we had already gotten a bit of a glimpse and knowledge about how comfortable humans are in the interior? And the wine glass drop to the floor? Oh well.
  • The second one was Eren again speaking to Jean after they were assigned to fight the titans. This is one case where they may have gone too far in making Eren out to be the shounen hero. Why you ask? Because Eren had already spoken about the titans to Armin…oh you know, when Armin was scared while trying to fill out the gas and all. Just in case we didn’t know before Eren’s stance on the titans, he goes and regurgitates it again. Whoops.
  • The other, but more minor one, was the Armored Titan bit by one of the commanders to the trainee soldiers. It was straightforward in the manga.
  • There was one omission: in explaining the titans to the soldiers (that flashback scene), the anime dropped the explanation of the 3D gear and instead talked about the swords, which was not explained in the manga in this part. But of course, we already went through an explanation of the gear. That’s Volume 4 for you.
  • I should point out that when the titans are killing Eren’s teammates, in the manga three ended up trying to take out one titan, but they all lost. The anime instead had one soldier swiped at, one grabbed, and one of course eaten by the other titan.
  • Finally, let’s just say Eren’s leg getting chomped off was slightly longer in the anime than the manga. I call that extending things quite a bit I think!
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10 thoughts on “Attack on Titan 5: So Where’s The Shock and Outrage?

  1. Heh, what you said sounds kinda similar to what I thought I.G. was trying to do. They had to make some interesting choices for the better. Now that you mention how some fans just want to see people get eaten by the Titans, it makes me wonder since Isayama once mentioned how his vision of the Titans was from seeing drunk people at a bar.

    I think people just love things that are completely foreign to them as long as they’re not suffering it themselves. The beauty of fiction at its finest!

  2. when i first read this part in the manga i had assumed isayama was taking the infamous gai rei zero(also a great show btw i recommend it) route in regards to pulling the wool over the viewers eyes just long enough to land a sucker punch completely off guard.

    in that series something similar happend in the first episode, so i was not unfamilar with such a tactic. i was more apprehensive because i actually really liked the trio of eren mikasa and armin and didnt want them killed off.

    • Eh? I…actually have heard mixed opinions on Gai Rei Zero. So maybe I’ll add it to my watch list, but who knows when I’ll watch ;-;

      But well, we’ll see if Isamaya truly pulled the wool over everyone 😀

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