Valvrave the Liberator: If I’m Not Human Then What Am I?


So, that’s the new Sunrise mecha. Interesting.

I think that my introduction pretty much gave the summary away but for those of you who’re not familiar with Sunrise’s various interpretation of the mecha genre, let me write one anyway. In a future far far away humans have colonized space and, obviously, humans being humans, they are at war with each others. Fortunately, a savior exists, Valvrave is an armored suit secretly developed by a team of scientists. Fortunately again, a boy finds it by chance and happens to have the will to pilot it and save everyone. How convenient.

Judging from this first episode alone, I honestly don’t get what’s so special about Valvrave, nor do I get why it’s getting so much attention. Again, from that first episode, it looks like the standard Sunrise mecha show, pretty similar to your average Gundam series. It even reminded me a bit of Sacred Seven for some reasons I don’t get myself, but at the very least Valvrave has a pretty solid first episode.

I honestly don’t see anything special in the plot, it’s typically what you’d expect from a mecha show, a young boy piloting a super special unit to save humanity of whatever is attacking it at the time. A usual mecha show among others. I truly hope it’ll get a bit more special soon because this season has more mecha series than normal. (Or at least that’s what I’ve been feeling, I haven’t exactly counted.)


I haven’t found the characters to be anything special either, again, especially when you compare them to characters from currently airing mecha shows (the more I write this review, the more it seems that airing this among the last things was a pretty huge mistake). I can’t really say they’re blank though, that’d ┬ábe lying. Shoko was pretty fun for a girl, Haruto on the other seems generic enough but he has a LOT of room for development and that’s probably what they’re going to focus on given he’s the main character and all. I’m a bit curious about what will happen with the other students of their school, hoping they will be used for something, since this episode devoted so much time to them.

The others guys who seemed like the bad ones (emphasis on “seemed”), didn’t get much screen time, nor did they get a lot of character development. Their number was a bit high for a proper introduction, so that too has a lot of room for development.


To be completely honest, if there wasn’t more to Valvrave than this, I probably would drop it on the spot. Except that obviously I got curious about something and when I get curious there’s no stopping me. (Chitanda and me are one)

The things I’m curious about is that, there seems to be more to the “bad” guys than meet the eye, and I’m also not so sure Valvrave really is the savior they make it to be. Hell, if you’re thinking a bit, the title itself could be ironic. That’s just speculation though and I could be totally wrong, but I’m still curious. Second thing I’m curious about is Valvrave’s initial question about human rights, what does it exactly entails is something I want to know.

If you want a summary of this post, Valvrave is nothing special in terms of plot nor in terms of characters but made me curious so I’ll follow.

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2 thoughts on “Valvrave the Liberator: If I’m Not Human Then What Am I?

    • For Sunrise it’s still too ordinary. Also a bait for fujoshi but I’m kinda used to it.
      But still, aside from this tiny little fact that hasn’t been really developed on anyway and just put there to make people keep on watching, what else is out of the ordinary?

      I do think there are some surprises in this for us in the long run though.

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