Cross Manage 22 & 23: The Shot and The Mind Game

Cross Manage

Hmm, so I may or may not have forgotten about Cross Manage. *looks at picture above* Ok, I think I remember now.

Cross Manage
Good question!

Cross Manage 22

So the academic chapter overall was ok. I was mainly annoyed at the fact that Aya ended up attempting to show her assets to poor Sakurai, but only because it just wasn’t all that funny (nevermind it being cliche of course). The obvious highlight is the interaction between Nachi and Sakurai. At this point, all we had gathered from Sachi was that she was the woman who was the tough one in the group, the one who’s tsundere to Sakurai. Well, while that probably didn’t change, we do at least see her background which makes me wonder how her life has been. She lives with three brothers (who all look almost alike it’s scary), her mom went out drinking, and apparently, her dad is nowhere to be found. It makes me wonder if the dad is alive honestly. And the fact that she cooks makes me think Nachi’s had it fairly tough. Maybe someday they could go into that more, but it’s probably best if the focus is on lacrosse. Maybe! Otherwise, who thought it was a good idea to have Sakurai surrounded in one room by a bunch of girls who aren’t that smart? Who thought this would’ve worked?

Cross Manage 23

Cross Manage

I don’t think there is any question I’m just a bit more curious about Choran Academy and, to a lesser extent, Matsumushi Academy. For starters, poor Fujioka High School. They’ve trained so hard to get to where they’ve gotten (and granted, they did face lesser teams), but it looks like all that effort is for nothing. There’s no way they’ve gotten better to the point where they can remotely compete with Choran Academy in the tournament…especially since they lost pathetically to their third team in the practice match. It makes me wonder if their first team is loaded with crazy personalities but talented people, but I guess that moniker only applies to Nanime Chihara. I’ll get back to her later.

For now, I guess I have to admit I liked the set-up into how bad Sakurai’s team has it against Choran. Ryo finally becomes useful and gives them DVDs of Matsumushi Academy, but only he would bother to negate his usefulness by telling him how good Matsumushi was, but now how bad they were after they were crushed in a practice match against Choran. Just like Fujioka, they too worked hard in order to compete and dethrone the current champions, except instead of proving themselves, they were put in their place. All that hard work, to sacrifice all your time to get better at a craft, and to have it all prove it was meaningless in the end, it’s not a surprise that would mentally weaken someone, and get some players to quit. How do you attempt to come back knowing there’s just someone that’s more talented and better than you? Welp, it ultimately comes down to perseverance really, and maybe just a bit of love. In the end, if it’s something you love, you have to keep trying to get better no matter what. Not everyone can handle it I admit — but that’s why there’s always a few who make it, and a few who don’t.

Cross Manage
Contractually obligated to show this again

As for Nanime Chihara…oh boy. What in the world was she looking for in there?!? And yeah…good drawing. We’ll find out (or maybe you have already found out) how weird she is.

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