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Go For BrokeCoincidences exist. I swear I wasn’t let in in the Blood-C conspiracy you have experienced the past few days. I just wanted to review something I have recently watched. Problem is I have watched nothing but currently airing anime and movies spin-offs of anime I have already reviewed. So, since I didn’t actually watch Blood-C, The Last Dark seemed like the best choice.

If you’ve been following the last articles on this site and/or are familiar with the Blood franchise you might guess that this movie is about a young girl named Saya who fights off monsters who feed off humans.

I have this strange thing going on with this franchise. I loved Blood: The Last Vampire, hated Blood+, figured it was a waste of time to watch Blood-C, and ended up watching The Last Dark instead, wanting to check if the latter held off.

Truth is, I quite enjoyed The Last Dark. It isn’t the best thing ever made, nor is it special in any terms, and I’m not even sure it brought the responses Justin was looking for in his posts. But it still was entertaining.

From what I gathered, except for Saya and Fumito, the characters of the movie aren’t even in the anime. I can’t really complain, it makes it easier to follow for newcomers like me. And I really can’t complain because I liked them. I even liked Mana, who’s probably the actual heroine of this movie. I found that a bit strange because I think I would have liked to see the movie focusing on Saya and her character more. When they did focus on her it was mostly to show the developing and unlikely friendship between her and Mana.

If I had to choose a favorite character in this movie it probably would be Kuroto Mogari, not only is he voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya, but he also seems shady from the very start and I like shady characters. I am going to complain about his character though, mainly, the fact that he is a bit too obvious. Without spoiling anything from the story, as I said he is shady from the very start and it seems unlikely to me that he would manage to hide so much for so long without a single person noticing. Then again, maybe everyone is dumb.

And I just can’t see them being so dumb. I mean, they have two skilled hackers (and a third less skilled), and Kuroto’s secretary would have guessed. Iori is the only one I can see being tricked so easily, but for the others, it just doesn’t work.

All of this to say that this movie has a huge problem with character development. I know it’s a movie and that they have to work with limited time, but hell, Mana got the bare minimum of development and Saya was barely touched at all. I won’t even start on the rest of the cast.

The plot too was pretty simple, it was mainly about Saya getting her revenge on Fumito (though we never get to learn what exactly he has done to her, is it explained in the anime?) and destroying something in the meantime. Obviously this is just too convenient. Well, as I said it’s simple enough to be understandable and easily done in a movie. It has flaws and I think the ending would have benefited from more time, but as I said before it was entertaining enough for me. Didn’t require a lot of brain power to follow though my mind drifted off to some other places at some point in the movie.

The thing that bothered me about the plot was the lack of “monsters”, Old Ones I think they were called this time, she kills one in the beginning and then is attacked by a swarm of them at the end. Maybe that’s just me thinking that a movie from the Blood franchise should be about Saya slaying monsters in a very bloody fashion.

What I really liked on the other hand was the “CLAMP touch”. I’m one who thinks their character designs aren’t fit for anime but this might change my mind. Also, Watanuki made a guest appearance and he was awesome. I still haven’t finished reading XXXHolic but now I want to.┬áThe best thing about this movie was probably the cast. Nana Mizuki as Saya was already pretty awesome, but everyone else also had a very nice and fitting voice.

Despite the fact I didn’t hate it, I still don’t think I can recommend The Last Dark, unless you’re hardcore fans of the franchise. Or want to see a loli hacker.

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