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Mar 12th, 2013 Comments: 2

A Re-Do Of The Summer 2012 Anime Genius Compendium


So I guess before the Spring 2013 Compendium is up, I think it’s time to take another look back at…Summer 2012? You see, my intention for my compendiums is to see just how well I did in ranking shows after the season is over, and then properly re-rank them in the end. Needless to say though, these posts are not timely! And I have no idea when the Fall one’s gonna be finished because I didn’t watch all of the shows on the list/some shows are still continuing. However, I did watch every Summer anime (or at least an episode), so I guess I should go re-rank them. Three things:

  1. Feel free to share what your summer list turned out to be in the comments if you want. I’ll tell you right now though:
  2. Summer 2012 was about as expected: mediocre. There ultimately wasn’t a title that blew me away, or maybe I would consider buying it if the series came over to the U.S. At best, the top three on this list is worth checking out.
  3. I included Chitose Get You! in my Summer Compendium, but I added in the post that it looked like a short, and it was a short, so it’s not on this list (Oh, it was bad anyways. You might be best off checking out the manga.) Blood Lad I also included as well, but it never aired. So this shortens the list considerably.

Anyways, let the re-ranking begin!

 18. Ebiten (Ranked 19th originally)


Watched: 1 Episode

My New Thoughts: Well, I ranked it 19th, but thanks to Chitose Get You and Blood Lad not fitting Compendium requirements, I can legitimately say I got this right, since I originally had this behind Chitose. It looked like it was gonna be bad from the start, and with it being crap quality along with nothing really funny at all, it was as bad as expected. I admit though, I was curious about checking the series again in legitimate quality since it aired on TV in the Fall and got licensed by Crunchyroll (it was a web anime in the summer), but I’m not sure my opinion would change at all, so, an anime I don’t have to worry about…forever!

Status: Dropped

17. Arcana Famiglia (Ranked 8th Originally) 

La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia

Watched: 1 Episode

My New Thoughts: You see, I used to have a open minded look on anime based off of otome games. UtaPri (from the three episodes I watched) seemed solid, and that made me have high hopes going into Hiiro No Kakera. I left with a look of dejection on my face since it was bad. Well despite that I was really looking forward to Arcana Famiglia, and with the Summer season offerings looking pretty slim, this looked like it would be cool…until it proved it was not, introducing characters left and right, looking very pretty, but mostly snore inducing. The preview at the end of Episode 1 told me to stay the heck away from this series — and based on reviews of it when the series ended, I guess it was the right decision. But thanks to this series, I can only look at otome adapted into anime with scorn. Thanks Arcana. Thanks a lot!

Status: Dropped, 4life

16. Dekinai (Ranked 17th Originally)


Watched: 2 episodes

My New Thoughts: Well, I guess the only thing I can really say is that it turned out to be exactly as advertised. Too bad I ended up getting really bored with the show. Well, mostly Ep 2 killed the show for me, for reasons I can’t remember, and probably don’t want to remember. This probably hit its target audience well enough, but otherwise, this is a show you probably can avoid without any worry.

Status: Dropped

15. Hagure (Ranked 16th Originally)

Watched: 4 episodes

My New Thoughts: This was legitimately the series I started watching as a guilty pleasure. But I think around episode 3 or 4 I got bored, then got behind, then decided to forget all about it. Maybe it turned out to be something of worth in the end. I don’t know. I’m not sure I cared. All I know is that making girls pee is…something. Yeah, not sure where to go from there, so I’ll end with that.

Status: Dropped

14. Kingdom (Ranked 14th Originally)


Watched: 1 episode

My New Thoughts: Well, it manages to be the only rank I haven’t changed since the summer compendium, but that doesn’t mean anything since I ranked it specifically in this spot, and that’s because I watched the first episode (it aired early) and proceeded to only praise its high quality sounding soundtrack. I hear the small chorus of people who say “Kingdom gets better” and they abandoned the CGI (which was an obvious mistake in the first place). It apparently did well enough to get a second season. But unless I get a good amount of people to tell me to watch this again, I’ll move on to other things, thanks and bye again!

Status: Dropped

13. Campione (Ranked 11th orginally)


Watched: 2 episodes

My New Thoughts: It had an interesting idea, but boy did it fail to really allow that story to hit me on its first episode. Let’s just say it’s a harem series that involves a boring male lead with a hot girl who really has the hots for him. It’s refreshing in a sense because harem series normally don’t do that; too bad the male lead doesn’t accept this, or at least didn’t accept it early on as far as I can say, and Episode 2 didn’t make any improvements on Ep 1, so, I dropped it. I did end up watching Ep 12 though because lol.

Status: Dropped

12. Who Is Imouto (Ranked 18th Originally)

Who Is Imouto

Watched: 12 episodes

My New Thoughts: This was legitimately the hardest one I had to re-rank for my Compendium, because was a title that I finished — and it sucked. No really, this show was awful. It had a great hook and I looked forward to it weekly thanks to its first three episodes — then all of a sudden, the last nine episodes were sleep inducing. I don’t know if it was because it took a break (I believe it took a week off because of Olympics?) or the idea of finding the imouto lost its appeal–anyways, whatever the case, in the end, I felt it fair to cut this show slack since I managed to watch it until the end. It was obviously a mistake. I’m almost certain there was not a worse show that aired in 2012 than NakaImo, or of course, at least it is a strong contender for worst anime of 2012 (Sentai, good luck selling this show). Needless to say, you can do two things: watch the first three episodes, then skip every episode until you get to 11 & 12, or avoid the anime completely. Those are your best options.

Status: Completed, regrettably

11. KoiChoco (Ranked 13th Originally)


Watched: 1 episode

My New Thoughts: So I said back in my Compendium that it looked like it could be a completely decent harem. Well, about 4 minutes into the show, we have someone who gets run over by a car. In the name of WHAT, what the heck? But unfortunately, it then turned into characters just talking about crap, and there were a lot of characters that end up appearing in the first episode. But despite that, I wasn’t too bored of it, but I decided to put this show on hold. After that, I’ve heard interesting things about the anime — hell, despite its warts, even E.Minor said the last two episodes were fine. That might mean something right? Well, whatever the case, finally, the first show where I admit I didn’t drop it! Oh happy day!

Status: On-Hold

10. Oda Nobuna No Yabou (Ranked 15th Originally)

Oda Nobuna No Yabou

Watched: 1 episode

My New Thoughts: URGH moar Oda Nobunaga/genderbender anime, URGH — and well, for at least episode 1, it was precisely just like that, but for the most part, I thought it was all right. But I didn’t want to keep up with this anime, so I placed it on-hold. This was a show that I didn’t hear too much about, but I heard it might be getting another season (or is?), so maybe it was decent enough after all. Maybe. Still, another show on my large on-hold list.

Status: On-Hold 

9. Sword Art Online (Ranked 2nd Originally)


Watched: 25 episodes

My New Thoughts: I find myself in the middle of where Sword Art Online ranks in 2012. No, it is not the best anime of 2012. No, it is not the worst anime of 2012. But for this compendium, I can easily say it falls squarely in the middle of the pack — and well, considering where I originally ranked it, that means this anime for me failed to satisfy my expectations of it. You probably all loved the first episode — I did too. The problem is, none of the 24 episodes remaining never really live up to the standards that episode set up. It consistently broke its rules for no decent reason (Hi Kayaba), never developed a single character (Poor Klein), and sometimes the animation fluctuated from decent to by god A-1, where’s the budget (Man, that face when Kirito was fishing…). It had some good action scenes in some episodes and some episodes were good (at least in the first half), but overall, the first half failed to make the series consistently stand out. And then the second half of the series came. I think I only found two people who actually liked the second half better than the first. Let’s just say it really didn’t make the series any better, and failed hard. In the end, I think it’s a middling series; a middling series that I guess most people in Japan were looking for since it sold like buckets there, and will probably be getting more of the novels adapted; well, don’t worry, I won’t be looking forward to those, that’s definitely for sure.

Status: Completed

8. Muv-Luv Total Eclipse (Ranked 9th Originally)


Watched: 25 episodes

My New Thoughts: This is basically my shameless series of 2012. This anime had a chance to be decent. It never really was, thanks to its horribad animation, its lackluster story, and for the most part, characters I can probably say I don’t care about. Heck, even the fights after the first two episodes were a letdown. After it got to the beach episode, it confirmed to me two things: the staff of this show didn’t know what it wanted to do, and Takayuki Inagaki needs to adapt something that doesn’t already have harem elements. However, as bad as it was, it was tolerable enough to the point I could finish it, and I can only thank Yui and Cryska for that. Too bad our male lead didn’t decide who he wanted to be with. Le sigh. Anyways, you could do yourselves a favor and avoid this series for the betterment of your health.

Status: Completed

7. Uta Koi (Ranked 6th Originally) 

Uta Koi

Watched: 2 episodes

My New Thoughts: This is probably the most mystifying show on my list, since I put this on hold. But I put it on hold by accident. I watched the first 2 episodes and liked it. Then I left it alone for weeks, tried to watch ep 3, and surprisingly couldn’t finish it. I may have watched it too late and all, but whatever the case, I decided to place it on hold for now. I’ve heard good things about UtaKoi online, so I should try and wrap it up eventually.

Status: On-Hold

6. Tari Tari (Ranked 5th Originally) 

Tari Tari

Watched: 13 episodes

My New Thoughts: Oh hey, I’m only 1 spot off the pace of how I originally ranked it! That must mean it was a good thing right?…Right? Not really. In the end, Tari Tari looks great, has a few decent characters, but some of the episodes were not very compelling, and the second half was not all that memorable to me. I did claim that it shouldn’t be a bad thing that it has HanaIro like designs, but maybe it was a mistake to say that, since I was reminded of that show, and this played out like a stripped down version of it. Let’s just say this was not one of P.A’s better efforts and move on.

Status: Complete

5. Koroko Connect (Ranked 12th Originally)

Kokoro Connect

Watched: 13 episodes

My New Thoughts: In a way, this is probably the best place to put Koroko Connect, if only to make up for the fact that I did not watch the last 4 episodes since they weren’t going to air until Dec. I do eventually want to check that out since it concludes the anime series, but even so, there was probably a handful of episodes in the TV series that really were good; otherwise, each week the actions of the characters felt juvenile and fairly forgettable. I don’t think it’s a terrible series; but it doesn’t really give me any reason to think I should go check this out again.

Status: Completed (TV)

4. Humanity Has Declined (Ranked 3rd Originally) 

Watched: 12 episodes

My New Thoughts: This is legitimately the only show on this list that puzzled me each and every week…and in good and bad ways. One week it would be the greatest thing ever; the next, it would be a forgettable dreck of a show. In other words, I see it as inconsistent. It was basically a show that had half good to great episodes to half mediocre to bad episodes. Still, I know a decent amount of people really loved the show, and I guess that’s fine, as there was an element that connected them with the show; I found no such thing to connect me with the show consistently, hence why it is something I probably wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Status: Completed

3. Natsuyuki (Ranked 1st originally)

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Watched: 11 episodes

My New Thoughts: This was almost a first. You see, I had been riding the Josei wave thanks to shows like Usagi Drop and Kids on the Slope, so of course I would have high hopes for a new Josei show to do fairly well, and for me, I thought Natsuyuki Rendezvous did well. It did not turn out to be super great, but I enjoyed watching it each week. Too bad about 70% of the internet apparently thought the writing in the second half was poor and filled with unlikable characters (Goddamn fantasy land. I guessed this would be a problem — but for me, not for everyone else!), so this show outside wise falls into the category of shows I rank number 1 and it being loathed or just plain bad (Guilty Crown, Another, Zetman, and apparently Sasami-San, since only three people I follow profess to loving it?!?), but for me it manages to be a work I think you can check out and enjoy. Well, at least the first four episodes, since that was well received.

Status: Completed

2. Binbougami Ga (Ranked 4th originally) 

Binbougami Ga

Watched: 13 episodes

My New Thoughts: If this had a trailer, this would have been my number 1 show. And while I think it overdid some stuff and some drama was played out unconvincingly sometimes, this show was a load of fun. The humor is something I enjoy — it is directed by the same guy who’s currently directing Gintama — and the characters are hard to forget really. Ok, so maybe I mostly remember Sakura’s rack, but at least the show was classy about it. I think. Anyways, I think you should definitely watch it if you find the time, and let the anime do its job.

Status: Completed

1. Joshiraku (Ranked 7th Originally)


Watched: 13 episodes

My New Thoughts: But ok. Summer for the most part still sucks really. Even the ones I recommended you don’t have to check them out. But seriously, you definitely should give a look to Joshiraku, which was underrated when it came to licensing (Why Japan, why didn’t you let CR simulcast this show) and in terms of subbing (I mean geez, it was the Ginga E Kickoff of subs for crying out loud). Yes, translating all that Japanese would have been an effort, but let’s face it — even if some of the concepts are too out there, this show will put a smile on your face. From it taking political potshots to having poor Marii’s butt be a running joke, you not only get informative tidbits on Japan, but you also get gutbusting jokes and cute girls. This is exactly what YuruYuri should have been, but failed to become  for me. And if you like YuruYuri, I hope you did check out this show! As for everyone else, this was the gem of the Summer Season, and I had high hopes for Mizushima when it came to comedy. I’m glad it turned out to be the case.

Status: Complete

So, what did stand out for any of you for the Summer? I made my choices, now go share yours. Do that while I work on the Spring 2013 Compendium.

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  1. alsozara Mar 13th, 2013 9:58

    I thought Natsuyuki was fantastic. In fact I named it my tied best of year with Sakamichi no Apollon. Fuck 70% of the internet. I wasn’t that happy with the ending, but apart from that it was excellently written character drama with exceptionally well executed sprinklings of the abstract and supernatural.

    • Justin (Admin) Mar 13th, 2013 12:04

      But the internet is always right! We have to believe in them!!!

      Well, I can see why people didn’t like it — I just hope most of them didn’t project what they thought romance/the story should go in, as opposed to letting it tell its tale. But what one looks for in a story is a factor, pretty much; maybe they were looking for something else.

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