World Trigger 3 & 4: What Will Be The Repercussions?

World Trigger

Hmm, guess that won’t be attached anytime soon…

World Trigger 3

World Trigger
Apparently Kuga must like to stomp things

Ok, I guess it’s enough that I stop wondering whether or not Border is bad and all — mainly because I’ve already talked about that to death. Of course, it kind of means I have to gloss over the fact that Border erased yesterday’s events right from the bullies mind, and it makes me wonder why, but hey, my position on Border is pretty clear. Chapter 3 only reinforces it, especially with everyone drooling about how awesome they are. So I guess the only commentary involves just how good is Kuga? Based on what he said to his classmates, he seems to be experienced in the ways of combat and has seen a lot. We already know he’s definitely a Neighbor, but we can always use more info: after all, is he really in Mikado City because his dad told him to meet a friend? Is he as culturally out of tune as he seems to be? Either way, should he be really glad that he met Osamu first instead of someone else? Curious is the name of this game. But for now Kuga can remain mysterious since the summoning of Neighbors outside the known areas takes importance, since that’s not supposed to happen. Makes me wonder if Kuga being in this city has thrown everything out of order?

World Trigger 4

World Trigger

In this case, what happened in this chapter is irrelevant. The reason I say that is because once Osamu decided to step in like most shounen characters and save Osamu from getting brutally murdered, he basically said we have to wait until next week to find out what’s gonna happen now that he disobeyed Osamu’s order of not activating his Trigger. I don’t think this fight between him and this Neighbor will take very long, and I’m almost certain that Border has been dispatched to the area. I expect a collision to ensue, and one that will of course establish the rest of the story. It can go a number of ways: it can take the “why” way out by having Border show up only to somehow miss Kuga defeating the creature and they can believe that Osamu took care of it, or basically cheapening the impact by joking about the situation somehow; it can have Border show up late, see Kuga, ask questions, and eventually this leads to questioning everything that’s going on here; or it can have a scenario where Border shows up, finds out Kuga is a Neighbor, and go kill him, which would then lead to Osamu questioning everything in Border…

…Well, those are some scenarios, and well, it is a shounen, so I don’t think they’d go that far (but I think it would be a shocking hook). The point is it set itself up to be in a position where Kuga had to make a decision — to save Osamu from death or to save Osamu from getting in trouble with Border. The fear is we don’t really know what Border is capable of. At this point, there’s nothing so far that makes me think that Border isn’t complicit in this Neighbor business, but we still haven’t seen what Border really is. So it seems obvious that Kuga has to save Osamu, worry about the consequences later. But it’ll be interesting to see what type of consequence take place, or will this just be glossed over?

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