World Trigger 2: Rules Exist to Make The World Go Round and Round!

World Trigger

Well ok, at least Chapter 2 of World Trigger gave me material to write about. I think.

World Trigger

  • So I asked last week if Border is to be trusted. Well, I might be onto something since Osamu claims that he thought there was only monsters on the other side of the gate, and that Border never told him there were actual humans over there. I don’t know about you guys, but it definitely seems like Border is in some way, or shape, or form, the reason why these Neighbors have gotten into this world. Well, I should probably say definitely seems like in a fashion that makes you think I’m just conjecturing; I’m merely shooting in the dark here. But the points are there: how Border managed to suddenly stop the outbreak of Neighbors in the city, how quickly they built their defenses, and lack of information at this point makes them fairly suspicious. We of course don’t know why this is the case, assuming there is a case to be made. My only guess is there will be some sort of twist in the story that either confirms Border’s involvement with this issue, and that’s there’s someone higher up that’s pulling the strings. Of course, Osamu may just be a low rank Trigger, so he may be privy to all the details, but you would think everyone who works at Border would know what is actually on the other side. Didn’t they attempt to try and send someone over there to confirm? Did they fear they’d get trapped there? Whatever the case, when things get too convenient, it’s best to suspect the worst. But there are holes that still need to be filled.

World Trigger

  • Easily enough, the money waving by Kuga was probably the worst attempt to show the negative side to human beings. Mostly because it kind of borders on too much silliness, and, in turn, it provided some idiocy. I mean, the guy in the first picture got his leg broken; surely the next group that tried to take Kuga’s money would have seen this since they were obviously tailing him! In general it just reading wise didn’t exactly seem that good. I think a better example (or maybe just a properly executed one) would have been better.
  • However, at least it managed to get me to come up with something to discuss, since just the mere flashing of money (and a lot of it) brought out the negative side of humans. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have all that cash Kuga was flashing? However, the route the two groups were going bordered on pretty weak. It’s times like this where you ask yourself, “damnit humanity!” And then you start to go, “What would I do if I was in a situation like that?” And of course, you get into a discussion about what is good and what is not good, and hence you get into this discussion about what constitutes good and evil. It’s a shounen however, so at best I don’t think it’ll go too deep into this (and right now Kuga’s not in a position to really take him entirely seriously), but some kudos for bringing out something to say in Chapter 2.

World Trigger Chapter 2

  • “Rules exist to make the world go round. They don’t exist to protect you.” You know what? They should really just tell us who Kuga’s dad is. He was probably a mid-level boss in his world.
  • But ok, let’s go ponder this since the manga mentions it. We all know we have certain things we can do, but then there are certain things we cannot do in the world. It now becomes a question of how much do you want to abide by the rules. Currently, if you abide by the rules, then you get to be Osamu (that means getting picked on). Well that certainly sucks. Of course, other manga has done this before (and since I’ve hosting Urasawa MMF, I might as well point out Monster explores this by a bunch), so this isn’t exclusive to World Trigger. But it’ll be interesting to see where it’ll go from here.
  • So I guess the questions are simple: what is a Neighbor? It’s time for a new definition, since Kuga is clearly some sort of Neighbor, and there seems to be classification of who they really are. I think whatever the case, I hope Chapter 3 allows us to see Kuga in Border headquarters, and everyone’s going what the heck’s going on around here. Or something.
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