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Cross Manage

Usually, getting a gift from a girl is always memorable — either for good or bad reasons. I’m pretty sure this falls under the good reasons — with some sort of variation of good, since the gift was…yeahhhhhh…

Cross Manage Chapter 20 Thoughts:

Cross Manage Chapter 20 Splash

As it turned out, I didn’t really have much to say about Chapter 20 of Cross Manage. Not only was it so straightforward, but it basically ended without either of our protagonists saying that they actually love each other. Now I bet you’re thinking either one of these two things: one, saying, “It’s a shounen, of course they’re gonna keep delaying the obvious” or “There hasn’t been enough moments for them to get together so it’d be too sudden! And we still have Chiumi to worry about!” Well, I don’t know about you, but by the time this moment happened, we had Sakurai nearly get convinced to stop being a lacrosse manager and return to soccer, he had somehow helped improve Misora’s game, and he ended up getting into a spat with a national lacrosse player basically over Misora. I think with a series like this, it could end any thoughts about Sakurai and Misora by just confronting their feelings. And also to upset any fans of Chiumi! Otherwise, they basically just did a song and dance. Now would be the time to focus on just lacrosse since nothing actually came out of it. But basically, yeah, I didn’t have a lot to say about other than, “I can only guess they won’t confess next chapter.”

Chapter 21

Cross Manage
Look Toriumi, there are certain things guys just can’t do, and you did one of them. Wing man you are not.

…And I was right. It turned into the normal shounen pattern of getting embarrassed and get stopped every time they want to meet up. It was not exactly a chapter to remember. What makes it disappointing though is that this had some funny moments (as you can see above), and I would have liked the chapter just a bit more if there was just decent execution on some of its key pages. One in particular that stands out was the part where Sakurai gets caught with Misora’s horribly mutated doll on his phone by Wakamoto. If anyone did, tell me if you really could know that Sakurai had the doll on his phone unless you had gotten an advance warning. There was no knowledge of that until he ended up taking the phone out again right in front of Misora. True, you could say that it was clever of Seki to ditch class and send messages on his phone to make Sakurai take out the phone, but that’s just too silly and I didn’t understand why Wakamato was laughing when he took out his phone. This may just be a case of lack of cell phone knowledge (for example, I’m supposedly young yet I’m still using a 3G phone), but I don’t see it quite as that.

Cross Manage

Anyways, what lifted my spirits, believe it or not, was the end of the chapter. Academics! And lo and behold, the team (well, I guess some of the team, we’ll find out the body count next week) sucks. This is the part where it actually gets into realism: athletes on sports teams in high school and in college are not all that smart. There will naturally be standouts, but there are always the athletes who just can’t study. When I saw this, I perked up a bit because it is a good change of pace, and maybe we’ll get a chapter devoted to everyone studying their brains out so they can actually play in the Finals of their group. But now that I see this, it makes me wonder if they should have done this early. Considering the only challenge for the Girls Lacrosse Team was just finding a competent manager, it would have been another interesting challenge had they learned they couldn’t compete in the tourney because their grades were pathetic. You just wonder if it’s too late…

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