Urasawa MMF Day 1 & 2 Roundup

Naoki Urasawa

So all right, here’s your first Naoki Urasawa MMF roundup, combining Day 1 and Day 2.

  • Let’s just say over here we’ve already talked about two of Naoki Urasawa’s manga series to hit English shores: 20th Century Boys and Pluto. Our 20th Century Boys post doesn’t focus on talking about every aspect of the series — instead, we talk about the music that is one of the prevalent themes in the manga, and how it manages to tie in with Urasawa’s love for classic rock music. Just like 20th Century Boys, there isn’t a focus of everything in Pluto. Instead, AnimeEmily takes the time to focus on one of its major themes, hatred:

In Pluto Naoki Urasawa, in his continuing quest to portray human emotions at their grittiest (and truest), explores the emotion of hatred over the course of his manga’s eight volumes. His picture isn’t pretty, or kind, or gentle. He shows us how hatred hurts and how it destroys.  Although his cast is mainly comprised of robots, Urasawa endows them with strikingly human emotions like compassion, love, sadness, and, of course, hatred. Through his frighteningly human characters, Urasawa shows us the havoc and pain destruction wreaks on those it touches.

  • That’s not the only Urasawa post we’ve done. We also ask how did you get introduced to Naoki Urasawa. Did a friend tell you about a work of his or did you just so happen to catch the Monster anime? Doesn’t matter, you learned about him somehow!
  • Finally to conclude this roundup, Lori at Manga Xanadu checks out all eight volumes of Pluto, and well…it’s quite awesome, and something maybe new readers should try out.

So that’s it for now. Let there be more submissions! If I missed any posts, send an email or link to me on Twitter!

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