Go for Broke: Starry Sky

Go For Broke

There is something incredible about working in the week ends, mainly, you get plenty of time to decide what you are going to review on your next column and sometimes even write it. (Because, in my workplace it’s either you move or die frozen and even so, it’s better to move next to the heater)

Today’s victim of my now infamous reviews (or so I hope they are, after more than a year…) is Starry Sky. What is Starry Sky you ask? Well then, it’s an adaptation from an otome game, except that for once, the guys are modeled after horoscope signs. Obviously the story is beyond simple, it follows them in their school life as they make new friends and generally do ordinary stuff while we wait for the answer to the question that everyone is asking: who will the girl fall for?

You might guess the answer to this question already, because you must be familiar with otome game adaptations to a certain extent (and because this is not the first one I’ve reviewed). Obviously the girl will not fall for anyone, it would shatter the fantasy after all. I really wish that more anime of this kind would follow the example of Hakuouki and actually follow one route instead of leaving everything open.

Now though, no matter how bad the plot is I always seem to come running to this kind of anime, I watch them all no matter how boring they are and no matter how annoying I find the mandatory heroine. Starry Sky is actually one of the first time I delved into the genre, but I don’t particularly have any good memory of it (except for the cast but that’s another story).

The good thing about this kind of anime with a boring plot is that it usually have a wide range of characters that it develops with more or less luck. The problem in Starry Sky is that an episode focuses mainly on a single character, shaping him (and her) by making him interact with his classmates (because everyone goes to the same school and, miracle, there is a single girl in the whole school, isn’t it a convenient plot twist?), and the episodes are only ten minutes long. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for character development after all the time spent on the heroine.  (Who is named Tsukiko in case anyone was interested, which I somehow doubt but that’s still some information the boss will want to know so here you have it.)

Which doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy some of the characters, the president of the student council, Kazuki Shiranui, the Aries, was especially endearing. A very outgoing personality, yet gentle, definitely my favorite. Surprisingly enough (not so much, that was a clever use of irony) my second favorite, Ooshirou Shirogane, isn’t even one of the guy you’re supposed to be able to date in the game. That definitely must mean something in terms of character development. On the other hand, as you might have guessed, I’m not much of a fan of the heroine, because she has no personality and she’s boring and annoying. Nothing new under the sun.

What I have liked on the other hand concerning these characters is that, as I didn’t play the game, I got curious about what the character that represented my sign was like. That’s one of the reasons that made me keep going on watching this. That being said, not so strangely enough because I could foresee this from the very beginning, I can’t say I really liked the character that represents Pisces (which is my sign), he’s a bit too lethargic and boring for my tastes.

The second (and main) reason can be summed up in one word: seiyuu. The cast of this anime was absolutely amazing guys, amazing I tell you. Though to be honest I still pretty much hate  Daisuke Hirakawa’s voice but the sound of everyone else’s voice more than made up for it.

As far as my final opinion goes, it’s bad, this anime is so bad it’s not even funny. Starry Sky is only to be watched if you’re a huge fan of the game or a huge seiyuu fan, and I emphasize on the huge. Sometimes, I think I’m a masochist.

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