Cross Manage 19: Let’s Build Character!

Cross Manage
Intuition FTW!

Uh….I think I found something to talk about in Chapter 19 of Cross Manage. No really.

Cross Manage

…Ok I can’t really come up with a bunch to talk about in this chapter. When you’re only able to read 18 pages and it was only focused on one character, you can’t really come up with other things to mention aside from the character mentioned. When you’re only able to read 18 pages and it was only focused on one character whose apathy for not getting hooked on anything was already explored a bit in another chapter, that makes what should be a nice character building chapter into a mediocre one. So as this chapter focused on Komatsu and her desire to try and get better as a goalie, I kept wondering, “Why didn’t they just show a bit of her past, and how she managed to fail at a certain role?” You know, like they did with Sakurai and Misora. If you’re gonna give a character a spotlight, this is a great opportunity to do show, not tell. Instead, this was tell, and not really show, making for a by the numbers chapter instead of a decent one. Basically, as I finished the chapter, did I learn anything about Komatsu that I didn’t know before? Well…I guess the only thing I did know was if she doesn’t think, she’ll properly be able to defend the goal. I’m not quite sure if that represents needed knowledge.

Anyways, this kind of chapter kind of highlights some of the problems of the series: character development. With a large cast of characters, they eventually need to be developed. So far, we’ve gotten chapters devoted to a few of the characters (aside from the main leads), but as the series goes on, we’ll eventually need to cover everyone’s back stories. This is precisely why I was complaining about all the other stuff that happened in earlier chapters, so it’s pretty disappointing to see where it has gotten to now. Anyways, I’m expecting it to go into Lacrosse mode next chapter, so hopefully that’ll be a pick me up from this. Unless Kaito decides to build on Komatsu’s character. We’ll have to see how that goes.

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