The 2013 Manga Reading Challenge!


Oh boy. So…I just so happened to be surfing the net for an image for a post I was writing, when all of a sudden I stumbled into the picture above. Then I clicked the link. Needless to say, I never did come up with any challenges for the year 2013…so I guess it’s time to start now right? Considering I lack motivation anyways, I guess I should make a bold declaration and say I’ll make a fervent attempt to read 200 manga by the time the year is up. Does that seem doable? I have no idea since some of these not might finish in 2013 and I don’t know if it is physically possible, but I might as well make an attempt. I also encourage A)other bloggers to participate in this endeavor and B)readers of the blog to suggest some titles in the comments and I’ll update promptly and hope to read them sometime this year…I might even review them too! I should probably also point out you can stretch the challenge however you like (like do you want to count a volume read as opposed to finishing the whole thing). Anyways, here is the manga sitting in my list on MAL, that has been suggested by others before, and some stuff in Bookmarked that I’ll attempt to get started on and finish:

  1. Durarara!!
  2. 21th Century Boys
  3. Cross Game
  4. G-Maru Edition
  5. GTO Shonan 14 Days
  6. Mangaka-San to Assistant San
  7. Bunny Drop
  8. Arisa
  9. My Girl
  10. Slam Dunk
  11. With The Light: Raising an Autistic Child
  12. Bambino!
  13. G Senjou Heaven’s Door
  14. Hideout
  15. Giant Killing
  16. King of Thorn
  17. Kurosaki
  18. Livingstone
  19. Nausicaa: Valley of The Wind
  20. Katakoi Triangle
  21. Kirara
  22. Music of Marie
  23. Otona no Mondai
  24. Ressentiment
  25. Shissou Nikki
  26. Skyhigh
  27. Sumomomo Momomo
  28. Tsumitsuki
  29. Stargazing Dog
  30. Metro Survive
  31. Nineteen, Twenty-One
  32. Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-Chan: Precious Lies
  33. Lament of The Lamb
  34. KissWood
  35. White Rain
  36. Eien No With
  37. Eternal Sabbath
  38. Kitchen Princess
  39. Seizon -LifE-
  40. Kashimashi
  41. Annarasumanara (New Addition)
  42. Devil and Me Blues (New Addition)
  43. Onani Master Kurosawa (New Addition)
  44. Skip Beat (Added 2/11/2013)

Ok, shall end there as a start. Definitely gonna add more to this list though!

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15 thoughts on “The 2013 Manga Reading Challenge!

  1. That is quite the challenge o_o

    I think in my whole life I’ve read less than 10 manga, it has always been anime for me. There is one series I would recommend though, called I”s. It was the first manga I read and it’s about a guy that falls in love with an idol who’s also his classmate.

  2. That Anna one I reviewed last week. I think it’s one you’d enjoy a lot 😀

    Devil and Me Blues (this one is a personal challenge as well)

    Onani Master Kurosawa (also on my own challenge list)

      • Can I also just say I’m surprised by how many I’ve also covered on Bookmarked? I’m rather… pleased by this 😀 I’m trying to decide whether they’re there because I have impeccable taste or because they’re super-short or one-shots, and therefore easier to read than longer series >.>

        • Can I also just say I’m surprised by how many I’ve also covered on Bookmar–

          No. Now get back to work!!!

          (I have no idea how you managed to cover series too. Then again, some of them are still ongoing like Magi so :p)

  3. Should change it to something like, 10,000 chapter challenge. 200 manga seems like a unreliable count considering manga very so differently in length.

    • True, but just reading 200 completely different manga is definitely a challenge, regardless of length. As long as it’s book length (normally, that would be 7-8 chapters I suppose), it should count. And it’s too late to change anyways, so there!

      …On another note do you have any suggestions for manga to read xD

      • lol I am fairy new to manga, so not really.. at the moment I am just trying to catch up on series that are currently being aired in the WSJ so I can make the most of what I am paying for.

        So far I have only read One Piece, Naruto and Toriko. Currently I am catching up on Blue Exorcist and Nisekoi. I tried Bleach but I couldn’t get into it.

        If anything.. you should be the one giving me suggetions…

  4. Good luck! From your list so far, I really liked Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind and G Senjou Heaven’s Door. So I hope you have a good time reading those two. :)

    I don’t know if you have started Skip Beat yet, but since this list is sorely lacking shoujo, I guess that will be my suggestion. ;D

  5. oh my.. that is a lot of manga…. o.O i read more paperbacks than manga though.. but.. this is an interesting challenge.. I really love Ouran High school host Club.. I recently finished Seiiyu Ka.. Kinda nice. :3

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