Call For Participation: Naoki Urasawa Manga Movable Feast

Naoki Urasawa

Time to turn to February 2012, and towards a brand new installment of Manga Movable Feast! While some of you frequent this blog regularly, I welcome new people to Organization Anti-Social Geniuses, as this is our (and my) first opportunity to host MMF. Each month, the manga blogging community celebrates a particular manga artist, series, or genre with articles, with either reviews of manga, essays, roundtable discussions, podcasts, the works, for a week out of the month.

This month’s feast focuses on the man behind such works like Yawara, Pineapple Army, Master Keaton, Happy, Monster, 20th Century Boys, Pluto, and Billy Bat: Naoki Urasawa.  Urasawa MMF will run from February 17 to February 24.

There is a ton of things to say about the man who has become one of the most well regarded mangaka in the manga industry, but needless to say, just mentioning the works above and how they have impacted both industries may be good enough for now. We here at OASG will have some content for your perusal the week of the feast, but in order for it to be successful, we’ll definitely need your help.

1. If you have any reviews, essays, discussions, etc featuring any of Urasawa’s works that you have already written, you can submit them to me either by email (organizationasg (AT) gmail (dot) com) or Twitter (@kami_nomi) and they will be listed in the Urasawa MMF Archive Pages for viewers to stop by and see what Urasawa’s all about. You may want to use this archive of past MMF feast archives for proper submissions!

2. During February 17 to February 24, participants are encouraged to email me links to their articles as they are posted so I can include them in the daily roundups. If you’re using Twitter, the official hashtag is #UrasawaMMF, which will help me find your articles. If you have something you want to say about Urasawa but do not have a blog, email me and I’ll do what I can to host it on the site!

So, look out for a post around noon Sunday Feb 17, as we delve into Naoki Urasawa. I hope by the end of the month, we’ll all know a little more about Urasawa that we didn’t know before…like for example: he sings?!?:

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5 thoughts on “Call For Participation: Naoki Urasawa Manga Movable Feast

  1. Very excited for this Feast! Thanks for hosting. ^_^

    Urasawa’s Pluto is one of the major reason that I’ve become a manga fanatic.

    • I haven’t will read anything by something of Naoki Urasawa

      Fixed in more ways than one xD xD xD I hope you enjoy reading them :3

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