Hetalia, The Beautiful World: Coffeee, coffeeee~

I honestly didn’t think they would dare to make yet another Hetalia anime.

In case you have no idea what Hetalia is all about after all these years, it’s a short about personified countries that more or less follow the actual history of these countries in a way that’s supposed to be funny.

In all honesty, way back, I was a fan of the comics. They looks like shit, more or less everyone will agree on that but I found it pretty funny. The anime somehow lost a lot of what made the comics fun. That’s why I was surprised when I saw this first episode.

For the first time in all history of Hetalia anime I actually giggled. It might have been the nostalgia effect so I guess I’ll reserve my actual judgement for later.

But the fact remained that I enjoyed this first episode more than any others I have watched. (I have to admit that’s one of the only anime I had a consistent backlog of back in the days, and most of the time I’m watching episodes the day they come out so…)¬†The character design and the overall realization of the anime also somehow improved, maybe because this time it actually was Funimation subs and not something ripped from a mobile phone (the first anime was released on mobile phones exclusively, if I remember correctly).

As for the characters themselves, well, they didn’t change, Italia was a bit less annoying than usual, Germany was cuter, Austria funnier, Japan as calm and composed as usual. I’m still pretty sad we didn’t get to see France (France’s my favorite character, obviously), and I’m also sad we didn’t get to see Spain (because Go-chan is his seiyuu and after Tiger&Bunny that should be hilarious)

The ED on the other hand sounded absolutely awful even though it was Daisuke Namikawa singing it, but again that might have been the nostalgia factor since it sounded a lot like the very first ED while not being as awesome.

I really don’t think you should watch Hetalia, it has no real value (and has history mistakes but that’s another problem) and there are better shorts to spend your time on, especially this season (like Senyuu for example). On the other hand, Hetalia is still better than Mangirl, or Ai Mai Mi, or even Puchimas, at least Hetalia is funny. So really, it’s your call. Just watch an episode, any episode really, just to know what the fuss is all about and stop there, the anime is clearly targeted at fujoshi anyway.

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4 thoughts on “Hetalia, The Beautiful World: Coffeee, coffeeee~

  1. I actually enjoyed the first season of the Hetalia shorts. It’s definitely inaccurate, but I mean, I think anyone with any common sense would have realized that, so I don’t think that’s a big problem for this property. (I seriously hope the comments I see about Hetalia teaching people history were just jokes cause if not, I am disappointed in the human species). I see it as candy. It’s not particularly good for you, but from time to time, it’s nice to have a bit of some shallow sweety goodness. And maybe I’m the only one that actually stays for the silliness and not the yaoi pairings. ^__^;;; I have yet to get through season 2, but I was enjoying it enough to think I will eventually watch this season as well. I haven’t touched the comics though.

    • I did too, I do enjoy Hetalia despite everything.
      And, if that can help you, I am staying for the silliness as well! But, while I didn’t particulary see a lot of opportunities for shipping in the comics, the anime really, REALLY pushed it, hence my comment.

      • I seriously thought I was the only one since whenever someone talks Hetalia, shipping isn’t far behind. xD Not that I don’t ship, oh I do, but it’s not really the reason I watch the series. It’s just a nice little bonus (and I guess because most of the ship tease isn’t for ships I actually like, most of it is lost on me).

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