Ginga E Kickoff 31: You Can’t Lose Your Emotions!

Ginga E Kickoff Episode 31

Oh hi there gaiz, been a while hasn’t it?

  • There’s not a whole bunch to take away from the Amarillo-Predators matchup, if only because it’s a continuation of what we saw in the City Tournament. The only difference is everyone on the Predators, save for a few people, are emotionally unstable. They’re basically affected mentally by what Kageura and the rest of Amarillo is doing, and needless to say, that’s not going to win you a soccer match. Kota had commented in Ep 30 how he wasn’t afraid of Amarillo, but as it turns out, he and the rest of the Predators seem to be scared of them anyways, and that’s kind of what this episode reinforced. I can only imagine being mentally frightened in a competitive match…chances are it’s probably not a good thing. Whatever the case, Amarillo scouted their weaknesses, and the Predators played right into it. But generally, even the most sound game plan has their flaws, as it may have correct statistics for a player, but it doesn’t factor other conditions (field, play style, or other stuff) and it may not be accurate for every player…
  • …Which of course leads to our Reika. Ah, the days of her uselessness are now over. It has been established since she lost her weight that she would actually not be a liability on the soccer field. Now not only is she not useless there, but she’s even able to say something relevant! It does help that she was the only one who actually did anything of consequence in the episode, so her telling the team that they can’t be afraid of Amarillo is pretty impressive. I also liked the touch of bringing back Misaki into the spotlight somehow, since she’s the reason the team’s been formed in the first place, and the words she imparted to Reika. Anyways, this is the type of development that is pretty good, so I’m glad that, while it has taken some down turns, it has been impressive seeing this.
Ginga E Kickoff Ep 31
The best character
  • I think the one thing I didn’t like about the episode was Morishima speaking to the crowd. That was lame. After we went through a good three minutes in explaining what the problem was, we end up getting an additional couple of minutes in retorting that thanks to Morishima. To make matters worse, it was broadcast to the crowd, and that also means to the players on the field. Now, in watching all manner of sports, you go to a game there’s gonna be a distraction, since sports is viewed as entertainment. So you’ll see loud music, you obviously have the crowd, etc. Players obviously have to tune that stuff out and focus on their assignments and everything else that comes with playing. But in this case, this was just bizarre and weird. And kind of silly.

Ginga E Kickoff Ep 31

  • So hey uh…there was a lot of cheering at the end of the episode for the Predators. Where are the Amarillo fans? Come on now guys!
  • You should expect to see my thoughts on Ep 32…soon.
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