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Oops. I told all of you this is the month of blog carnivals! So I noticed that Nadav of Anime Reviews came up with a prediction for the year of 2013, and has encouraged people to participate. Now I’ve seen this commonly where blogs and newspapers do predictions (some genuine, some outlandish but funny), so of course it sounds great to actually come up with a list. So since there’s no limit, I’ll make my 25 assumptions on what will happen in 2013 but fail at each and everyone of them. So disclaimer: I don’t intend to be right with any of my selections, and some of my predictions basically have a fat chance of happening. So take them with a grain of salt. Anyways, since there’s no limit, I might as well make 25 off the wall predictions that will either get you attempting to find where I live or attempting to go try and make your own bad predictions.

25. Space Brothers will keep running until Winter 2014

There has yet to be a single announcement saying that it will end in 2013. There was something about it ending after 4 cours, which would mean since it started in Spring 2012, it’ll end in Spring 2013. But going by MAL there’s no ending count, so clearly, it’ll run for the rest of 2013, then end painfully by Winter.

24. Crunchyroll will finally actually license everything for simulcast one season

They keep saying, “we’ll try and get everything”, but for one reason or another, they never do. But finally, they’ll do it. One of these seasons, they’ll finally be able to license every anime and have it simulcast. Now, whether some of those are delaycasts or not depends on what TV station they get the rights to, but whatever the case, they’ll finally overcome certain contractual obligations and have everything under the sun simulcasted.

23. The Attack on Titan anime will be a flop

As someone who has been reading the manga volumes, I expect to be disappointed when the Attack on Titan anime flops spectacularily. After the high profile failures of Guilty Crown and Sword Art Online (well, at least not financially), Attack on Titan will also do quite well, but once the censor beams of light appear on the very first Titan eating a human, fans will be pissed, the story will be tame, and something else that’ll make the anime stupid will make it bad, thus creating an anime that will be a miss when it comes to being an anime.

22. Pluto will finally become an anime

It’s a 8 volume manga by Naoki Urasawa. It has the absolute potential to become an anime. Sure, it ended 3 years ago, but so what? Chances are someone will be courageous enough to think this will sell to an otaku fanbase, will then get a nice staff to adapt it, and it’ll run on the NoitiminA block. See, not that hard now is it?

21. There will be a new competitor in the legal anime race by the end of the year

So we have Crunchyroll, Hulu, Viki, Netflix, Funimation, The Anime Network, and now a new site called Anime Sols that’ll pop up this year. Chances are there will be a new contender in this horse before the year is up, and let’s just say they’ll be looking to not only add new licenses, but some 90s’s stuff too.

20. Tokyopop will survive in 2013

The year will be over, and Tokyopop will survive. Stu Levy will get enough Japanese executives drunk enough to get them to give him a B-title manga, which will trick the newcomers into purchasing the manga, and thus, Tokyopop will actually have some relevance this year. If things go well, there might even be a live action adaptation of one of the manga created. And Stu will use the money wisely. I think.

19. Kochikame will finally end in 2013

A big time Shonen Jump manga will end in 2013, but it won’t be the big three — it’ll be the work that originated in the late 70’s. Kochikame, some probably obscure manga series about some weird looking cop that’s managed to stay serialized for so long will finally end, paving the way for new artists to rise, and also to finally have more battle manga in Jump.

18. Battle Angel Alita will finally be in production

Oh hey, remember that James Cameron was supposed to work on a live-action version of Battle Angel Alita? Well guess what, he will! He will either cancel work on Avatar 2 or sneak in some work on the side, thus paving the way for production on the series to begin, and for it to finally be ready in 2015.

17. Cross Manage will get an anime adaptation

Shamelessly plugging a series I’ve been writing about since it has been running in Shonen Jump Alpha, Cross Manage will eventually land a TV series. Sure, it seems impossible since this manga hasn’t necessarily gotten out of the bottom five yet, but it’ll eventually get out of that well, stay consistent for a while, make a sharp jump up once Misora acquires a broken lacrosse move, and soon it’ll become popular enough to become an anime. I think that’s how it worked in Bakuman right?

16. There will be a reboot or remake of an old anime series

Rurouni Kenshin. Hunter X Hunter. Dragonball Z. What do these big name franchises have in common (aside from being in Jump)? They’ve recently gotten some reboots or remakes, and of course, since this has been the trend in anime recently, there will be another reboot or remake of an anime series. Sailor Moon has already been taken; what could possibly be next?

15. Yotsuba will go another year without an anime adaptation

Such a warm, cute, and lovable series…too bad it will go yet another year without anyone turning it into an anime. It was said many years ago by Azuma that he didn’t feel his manga would work well as an anime. Chances are production companies believed him, so they’re going to continue to ignore Yotsuba and not turn her and the hot sisters into 2D animated figures.

Stop making Yotsuba cry!

14. Rosario + Vampire will finally end

I have all the volumes of S1. I have nine volumes of S2. At some point, Ikeda will finally realize that he’s gotten away from where he wanted to go, so he’ll definitely decide on who Tsukune shacks up with, defeat the evil organization that still exists, and end the manga before a terrible anime adaptation of S3 is announced, thus convincing people that reading the Rosario + Vampire manga is poison.

13. There will be a sequel to Sword Art Online, but A-1 Pictures won’t be adapting it

This is probably the only legitimate thing on this list that will definitely happen. Generally, anime that make money means it’s time to make more of the same thing. And with more novels to adapt, it’s unlikely Sword Art Online won’t have another adaptation. However, A-1 Pictures will refuse to adapt it. They know they’ll have the same problems adapting it just like they did with ALO, and with them focusing on other anime series, they know they shouldn’t have to work on something they won’t put any effort in. Or more like, they can’t put effort in. So the SAO staff will give the rights to J.C Staff, and call it an afternoon.

12. Brains Base will turn into J.C Staff

Remember when Brains Base was good? Welp, I’m still waiting for a nice little title to blow me away like Penguindrum did, while Ixion Saga DT is nice (and gets better every week), they seem to be regressing to a pretty crappy company (hi Amnesia) or at best, a mid tier studio (I have not heard good things about you Kaibutsu-Kun!) So in 2013, we’ll go another season with Brains Base not coming up with anything of relevance, meaning they’ll be the J.C Staff of this new generation, causing fans to cry everywhere.

11. Penguinbear won’t be ready this year

And of course, the real reason why Brains Base won’t have anything good is because Penguinbear won’t air this year. If Penguinbear airs, then chances are they’ll avoid being J.C Staff. But considering Ikuhara loves to take his rest, he’s probably not even working on it too hard right now, and will probably get things rolling in the summer. By then, production will be finished by the Winter, and that means it won’t air in 2013. Oh well.

10. An Aniplex anime will air on Toonami

Quite frankly, it makes sense that they’d finally stop showing Funimation a lot of love and actually air an anime that’s A)relevant and B)will probably be a hit. So far, Aniplex has worked on some highly thought of or money making anime (SAO, Madoka, Magi, Blue Exorcist, etc), so surely, this will be the cue for Toonami to splurge and show an Aniplex anime on TV.

9. Sentai will license Chihayafuru

…If they can somehow license Phi Brain and Amnesia, then karuta should not be a problem. When it gets to the states by the summer though, chances are the subs will be poor and the dubs will be terribad levels of bad, meaning the whole anime fandom suffers while Sentai rakes in the cash for some strange reason.

8. We will finally be able to download anime legally

We have been doing this for decades illegally, but finally…someone…some company will emerge from the hazy abyss, managing to convince a Japanese production person (it involves getting said person drunk) that downloading anime, just allowing people to own the products, just makes enough business sense somehow. Once that happens, we will finally be satisfied for at least a month before a problem occurs that will once again limit anime to streaming legally forever.

7. Anime conventions will be less and less about anime

It’s getting harder and harder to go to anime conventions without there being something other than anime there. Chances are there will be an anime convention, but it will only be in name, as fans who want to cosplay will go, but not for anything anime related. This is the part where money gets made though, so in the end, it’ll work out, despite the fact that means we’ll be seeing a cosplay of The Green Lantern at Anime Expo.

6. A controversy will spark about anime in 2013

You know this will happen. Fractale in 2011. Psycho Pass in 2012 with Moe. Something will take place that will eventually cause the anime world to turn upside down, then regress to base levels as controversy erupts. Once that happens, expectations will rise, people will be expecting great things, only to be let down and we then shame this person forever.

5. There will be no high school anime adaptations in the Fall 2013 season

Pigs will finally fly in 2013, therefore this will also mean we won’t see a single anime adaptation of a manga or light novel or novel or whatever that involves high school. It will either involve college or fantasy, therefore meaning the Fall season of 2013 will suck, money will not be made, and anime studios will be stuck in the red for not creating an anime that does not reside in high school.

4. Anime will finally be able to air at 1080p

It’s been common for anime to air only at 720p– if it’s 1080, it’s generally upscaled. No more. At some point during the year, anime will be in true 1080p. It might even be in 3D, which would require the wearing of glasses, meaning the chances of getting a headache or developing nausea will occur at a higher rate than usual. Probably.

3. Someone will do a reboot of Zetman

Let’s just say someone will finally rise up and be smart about adapting Katsura’s work. There will be a 50+ anime series announced where Zetman will actually remain true to the manga, removing some parts to avoid TV regulations, but will finally tell the true story of Zet. This will most likely cause bad ratings and an unnamed anime studio to be stuck in the red and forced to only do shorts, but in the end, representing a product in its true form reigns over business logic.

2. Shorts will die a painful, merciless death by Summer 2013

Winter has aired an abnormal amount of shorts. Guess what? There won’t be a single adaptation of a short by Summer 2013. That’ll be it. They’ll be done. This will restore the order anime was set in and only OVAs and TV anime will exist.

1. Dreaming Machine will be finished before the year is up

Dreaming Machine

Finally, if there is a miracle that needs to happen this year, then surely something will happen that will allow us all to see Satoshi Kon’s final film, Dreaming Machine. Surely something will turn up that will allow us to watch it right?

Other Predictions:

Cosplay In A Bottle


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15 thoughts on “This Genius’s 25 Predictions for Anime in 2013

  1. I’m an adult, and have been following anime here in the US for about four years, picking my favorites from each seasons lineups. I understand that popularity in the West doesn’t carry much weight with Japanese producers on which titles get sequels. First, is this true, and second, if so do you see Western anime moving to try and compete over time?

    • To question 1: Yep, this is definitely true. Anime is intended to be profitable for a Japanese audience only, because that’s where they’ll make the most money. Now, that’s not to say some studios don’t have other countries (not just the U.S.) in mind, but in order to make the most money, studios would be better served in catering their efforts towards the JP market. There have been anime that have done well in the West (like FLCL for example) but flopped in Japan. So yeah, that part is true.

      To question 2: At this point, I don’t see anything that will change, because there isn’t a lot of anime that sells well here. Like I bet if 100 people brought a copy of The World God Only Knows, Sentai might consider that a massive success. That might be a case of me overselling things, but it’s just a completely different market here.

  2. I’m all for a reboot of ZETMAN! If Yotsuba&! ever does become an anime, I hope it has a quirky theme like Azumanga Daioh had.

    When Kochikame ends, it won’t be just battle manga that appear. There will be battle manga that appeal to fujoshi. ;P

  3. Thank you for participating in the predictions carnival. Also, kudos on writing so many predictions!
    Here are some of my reactions to them:

    24: The reason Crunchyroll can’t get all the shows is because some U.S. distributors prefer to stream on their own or make deals with other streaming websites. For example, FUNimation, Aniplex of America and Viz all have their own streaming websites. Some shows only air on Hulu or Netflix because these services have exlusivity contracts for them.

    23: I’m hoping Attack on Titan will be the next Claymore – harsh, gory and atmospheric. I really hope they go all out on this one :)

    15: That’s something that’s been written in stone some years ago and will not change until Azuma says otherwise. So yeah, you can be 100% sure this prediction comes true.

    13: NOO! Please don’t! Have mercy!

    9: Chihayafuru is too risky to be licensed. It’s too long, about a very Japanese game, and not that good-looking visually. A series about an ancient Asian game must be amazing in order to succeed in the West (like Hikaru no go was!). Frankly, Chihayafuru isn’t that amazing.

    1: They should put it up on kickstarter. I’m sure tons of people will invest if it means watching another Satoshi Kon film.

    • No problem. Hopefully this will get you some more participants :)

      24. Look, I did not use logic or reason when suggesting this. Simply put, in order for this prediction to work, at least this has to happen: Someone will have to go get some of the Japanese higher ups drunk, convince them that it doesn’t have to be on one site, and boom, Crunchyroll can simulcast everything. Now, this will involve a loss of money, but Funimation can survive, so it’s not that big a deal xD

      23. I’m hoping this will be the greatest anime of all time. It has that feeling :)

      15. Thanks for continuing to make Yotsuba cry :(

      SAO Staff: Yeah, SAO is pretty bad. Let’s stop adapting it
      Higher Ups: *shows them numbers of BD’s sold*
      SAO Staff:…Oh well


      Chihayafuru isn’t that amazing.

      Probably not compared to Hikaru No Go, but it is something I would want to buy :3

      1. I can only hope this will happen…

  4. 25. I’ve been told that Space Brothers will end at episode 52, but we’ll see.

    20. I thought Stu has no intention of bringing Tokyopop back to life.

    8. Hah! (I don’t mean to be mean, but let’s face it, anime companies are stopping foreign distributers from releasing anime because they’re afraid of Japanese importing them. The liklihood of them allowing downloading of anime is very low.)

    7. I’m on the board of directors for a large-ish convention and I can tell you that this will happen as a matter of survival or because a larger non-anime convention decided to add anime to their programming.

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