Amnesia: Call Me When The Heroine Gains Something Close To A Personality


Even if I adore bishonen, and even if I do worship the series they belong to, there’s a reason why I generally avoid reverse harem anime: jealously the lack of plot.

I can’t say I had expectations for Amnesia before watching the first episode. In my early anime days, I’ve constantly seen that in anime where a heroine was in the company of handsome and dreamy boys, the story (or what is close to one) ends up being thrown away and clichéd situations with the opposite sex are placed first in terms of priority. However, since very few Winter anime have caught my eye this year, I was curious enough to try out the first episode in order to see how the main character would react after finding herself in such a frightening situation and to what length would she go to find her memories.

For an anime that’s already been side-eyed before it was aired, Amnesia’s first episode turned out rather decent – this is being nice — and completely not all over the place as I thought it would be. Immediately after finding out she has amnesia (and two very handsome childhood friends), our timid and blushing heroine is nonetheless forced back into the lifestyle we suppose she has been living before her accident. And this is all thanks to the little boy/non-human in her soul who refuses that she be sent to the hospital (Seriously, would you listen to a floating boy that no one sees?).

Amnesia Episode 1

Apart from what I’ve said above, you learn nothing solid about her previous life – it is somewhat intriguing at first, to be thrown into the dark like the heroine, but when you do know there’s much more to see than meets the eye, you start to get a little aggravated (which is bad news seeing as this is only the first episode) and lose patience since we are lead nowhere. What’s worse, nothing, not even a clue, classified as solid important information to the plot has been given. We’ve seen the heroine running around in a house on fire, and also falling into the depths of a sea, but can we consider that as true clues to her Amnesia, or were they just illusions? Why are the main boys representing card game suits –heart, diamond, club, and spade-? Why does creepy Ikki keep giving her weird stares? And what the hell is this Orion/floating boy?

Amnesia Episode 1
I forgot to mention, our heroine is a waitress or if you’d prefer, she works in a maid/butler café.-Insert rolling-eye.gif-

As you can see, my feelings vis-à-vis Amnesia have yet to be sorted out, since I found the first episode incomplete in more ways than one and also that there was no sign of a plot (just little random mysteries here and there) so far. Being someone who doesn’t like to be left out in the dark for too long without a clear direction as to where to go, I might be asking for too much.

This series is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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  1. Fool me once with Arcana Famiglia in making me believe there exists a good reverse harem, shame on you writers. Fool me twice with this one, shame on me. I will not be tricked twice.

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