Senran Kagura: Time To Go To Sleep

I think we all knew what to expect when Senran Kagura was set to air. Based off the 3DS game where shinobi girls dressed in school uniforms don’t have their clothes on with little disregard for any common sense in a matter of moments, it was obviously going to be very focused on all of our lovely ladies assets.

Senran Kagura

But at least I knew what to expect when attempting to watch this anime. It doesn’t excuse it for putting me to sleep.

I think the obvious culprit is the woefully developed characters that you’ve probably seen in just about every other anime before it. Senran Kagura is a slice of life ninja anime. Whether it develops an actual storyline is up to the eye of the beholder, since there’s currently none at the moment. Sure we have some mysterious girls dressed in black sailor uniforms, along with some enemies that appear at the end that plan on doing something to the shinobi at National Honzou Academy…but who they are is never really explained, so I can only assume you had to have played the game or read the manga to know who they are.

Senran Kagura Episode 1
I assume the ero meter is supposed to go up, right?

But surely this can stand up on its own right? I shouldn’t have to play the game or do any extra work to get some sort of enjoyment out of this right? All it means is that I gotta get behind the characters, since they will help give life to this work! Except the problem is you can insert certain archetype here, and then you’ll know whether or not you’ll really enjoy them. For example our lead character, Asuka, is the genki girl: all excited and ditzy, but just add in the nicely proportioned boobs, and that’s about the only way you can distinguish her from Madoka of Rinne No Lagrange lore. Another example is Ikagura, who is the cool and confident, fairly tsundere type, a character you can find in anime called Negima (Hi Setsuna). It’s basically insert personality here, and well, the rest falls in line. Since this anime is more inclined to wallow in boring action, some lame comedy, and make sure the boobs bounce each and every second, it’s hard to really care for any of the characters. Now that’s not to say that’s a bad thing — oh wait, it kind of is. Nothing really happens, which results in a episode that’s more inclined to make me snore.

Senran Kagura Episode 1
Yeah, we know what they were going for here

Now, it does have some good in this episode. The music is the standout in this one. Ruka Kawada is the one doing the composition in this anime, and I thought she did a pretty bang up job on a couple pieces in the anime. I also gotta give this anime a shout out: it had some ample opportunities to go and show off more of its assets since the girls are wearing some fairly short skirts. But it refrains from being so judicious. But chances are we all know what it’s gonna do in later episodes. But surely there is more entertaining anime with better animation and this kind of premise out there than this.

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      • How many times must we go through this? How many times will I enjoy a show you either loathe or sleep through? My, my, my. It’s like you’re cursed to rage and demand quality that is nearly a lost art today while I continue to find ways to embrace what I pick, for better or worse.

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