The Skull Soldier (1992) Review

The Skull Soldier

Title: The Skull Soldier
Genre: Superhero, Action, Sci-Fi

Explaining the Skull Soldier’s story is simple in relative terms: a man, Narumi, was a part of a program that used a hormone called “Skull”, where certain people (mostly athletes) gain immense strength, with no side affects (basically steroids) and even can heal some wounds. But he wouldn’t have even known about it had his sister not be killed by the people behind the program. So really, he’s out for revenge on the ones involved, and with the powers he received and a bit of help from the one who saved his life, he creates the persona of Skull Soldier and attempts to discover who really killed his sister.

The Skull Soldier

There are certain things I find lying about online that I just so happen to decide to watch on a whim. As it turned out, Skull Soldier happened to be something that I watched on a whim. The real question is, should you bother watching it? I think the answer to that is no. Unless seeing lots of violence and blood spewing at a low level scale is something you’re interested in, or you’re in need of watching something that remotely resembles a dark superhero work, don’t bother wasting your time searching for anything like this.

One of the reasons Skull Soldier is not worth your time stems from the story. It’s mostly simple because there’s no other character that matters in this film. This is a work that is expected to be all gritty and adult like. I mean, this is what you’ll be watching the first few minutes of Skull Soldier:

The Skull Soldier
“Well ok now”

I admittedly did not expect that. But maybe if Skull Soldier was secretly an all AV superhero film, I might have actually enjoyed the work. Instead, it’s at best a mediocre film that serves no purpose. The story is pretty crappy — there’s not a single message to be gained from actually watching it in all of its entirety. Immediately you know of this early since it prides itself on lots of violence and blood gushing everywhere and injecting stuff into people’s bodies, but if there’s nothing to be gained from watching it, you better be a good “turn off my brain” piece of entertainment. Skull Soldier was just a laughable, forgettable work. It introduces characters to not care for, has some pretty recycled music (and maybe one track is ok), and the action is low quality. The budget for this film is pretty apparent: not very high.

The Skull Soldier

But of course, if it’s gonna be trashy, at least have something redeemable right? Something I can say makes it enjoyable despite the number of flaws right? Unfortunately, there is not. Skull Soldier tries really hard to be serious, but in its attempt to be serious, it forgets it needs to make sense. How about having a character to care about? Why should I care about this guy attempting to get revenge when I don’t even know if this is something planned to threaten the entire city? What’s with the main villain and his being psycho act? It even bothers to not have decent action, as it doesn’t even get to Power Ranger like enjoyment.

I think the biggest problem (amongst the many) I had with Skull Soldier is its scenes and direction. It tries to tell us Narumi’s past, but it tells us in a way that doesn’t work. We start initially without us knowing he is the Skull Soldier (it doesn’t take long to figure it out), but in an attempt to ascertain why he’s doing this, someone on the staff decided it was best to show his sister getting brutally murdered, and him agonizing over it. But it was hard to care since her having her throat slit was so fake (and unnecessary). They then try to move on to Narumi’s current life, but introduced us to side characters who never matter and intended for laughs. Then in convenient moments, they show his sister’s death again. I can only assume this made sense to someone, but I doubt even that’s the case.

Skull Soldier (1992)

All in all, I think it’s safe to say there was nothing really to like about Skull Soldier. From it’s poor direction and writing, its music, and lack of character development, I wasted a good hour or so in watching it. It was an experience that only I should relieve, and none of you should attempt to find out what this is.

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