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Cross Manage
She never had a strong point

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I may or may not have written about Chapter 13 of Cross Manage, forcing me to combine my thoughts on that chapter with this chapter. I blame the holiday season.

Sometimes in most shounen manga, you’re going to get a chapter that doesn’t really do much of anything. That was chapter 13. We got some key points: it’s been a month of hard training and everyone’s focused on the spring tournament; Noto, once pretty hefty, has lost a ton of weight; and…apparently Misora hasn’t developed a special skill. Or to be frank, she’s just an average athlete with a limited skill set and no chance for growth. That was mostly what I got. The rest of the chapter was devoted to Misora eventually figuring out she and Sakurai were really on a date instead of buying Lacrosse supplies:

Cross Manage

Cross Manage

But as it turned out, in Chapter 14, it continues this angle of Misora being pathetic with the introduction of Lacrosse National Team player Ryuzo Nakahara. Ryuzo kind of has issues. The first is he believes he feels like Misora’s big brother, and that she’s an angel:

Cross Manage
you a creeper bro

The second is he believes Misora sucks; jokingly and for real. In believing that, and not wanting to get her hopes up, he tells Sakurai to quit being the Manager. I’m mostly going to assume Ryuzo got tired of teaching her how to get better, she never got better with him teaching her. I mostly believe he’s a crappy teacher. His points are somewhat valid — why train a player that seems destined to never get better and tell them to believe in themselves right? The problem is despite his status and Lacrosse knowledge, he just doesn’t have it in him to teach anybody. At least that’s what I bet. If a person who plays Lacrosse regularly can’t be able to teach someone Lacrosse, then too bad, you suck at teaching. But my belief is Ryuzo is fairly jealous of Sakurai being the manager and being able to help Ryuzo — after all, I don’t see the point of telling him to quit since we all know he’s not.

Cross Manage

But when I say I don’t see the point of telling him to quit, I also mean it in the other way: why do we have a chapter of Ryuzo telling Sakurai to quit? Surely we could have just skipped this part and gotten to the spring tournament, but once again, we keep getting delayed. Will this build up into an exciting chapter like it did with Chapter 10, when they finally went back to Lacrosse? I won’t get my hopes since Ryuzo challenged Sakurai…to a Lacrosse match. And even added a bet it to. As I read the chapter, I kept trying to figure out why, when we all know Sakurai doesn’t play Lacrosse, and he is facing someone on the National team. I can only guess this is more of Ryuzo trying to assert his knowing of the game, but man is it pointless. It’s not like Sakurai has any reason to listen to him. And we already went through this whole quitting as the Lacrosse manager. Exactly why do we have to go through with this again?

…So in other words, these chapters need further explanation. I wonder if Chapter 15 will actually be good?

  • There won’t be a Shonen Jump Alpha release until Jan 14. Remember, it goes simultaneous Jan 21.
  • Based on how it’s going so far, it doesn’t look like Cross Manage is going to be cancelled. At least not yet.
  • Also, I will start adding links to SJ Alpha, since I’ve been getting asked a lot on where I have been reading it. See, I can be nice when I want to!
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