Ginga E Kickoff Episode 30: The Methodical Machines

Ginga E Kickoff
I mentioned this weeks ago! Get up to speed!

For a 22 minute anime, a lot happened in this episode…

Ginga E Kickoff

Well, there’s no sense in talking about Amarillo vs Predators since that will be the bulk of Episode 31. Or maybe the slight diss by Kageura of the Triplets (and practically the rest of the Predators minus Aoto). And there is no sense in talking about how the Predators decimated almost everyone (it was good they struggled against the former 8v8 champs, but yeah they stood no chance because they aren’t the focus of the story), if only because the show itself decided to speed past those matches too (and also introduce a new BGM!) And no, I definitely don’t think it’s possible to talk about Kyouko attempting to look good for the camera!

However, the episode was sure clear in attempting to distinguish between fun and boring. I’m not sure I liked that part, if only because it was mentioned way too many times for my liking and because of the boring team. Now, I think we know where this story is going…if you’re at all familiar with sports movies or any generally positive film, you’ll have the one side that’s all loose, is upbeat, and wants to play for fun, with the other side being portrayed as talented, cocky, and yet methodical, which I will use to substitute for “Boring.” Apparently, their brand of soccer is so good that instead of being exciting and vibrant, it’s just machine like, maybe a bit too business like. I think that’s what we call being good.

Ginga E Kickoff

Of course, there’s always that one side that not only happens to be good, but also happens to be pretty entertaining. Most importantly, they’re the good guys, and they’re always the side we should root for. But I can’t seem to feel any animosity towards Amarillo. Yes, they destroyed the Predators in their match back in the City Tournament, and we know Kageura and the triplets don’t get along; heck, he basically dissed the entire team in this episode. The coach we finally meet for the first time, and immediately, I said, “Dang, he’s got a lot of confidence, that cocky person!” But yet, I can’t see why the Predators had to diss Amarillo and say that they are boring; I would just contend that they are methodical in their approach, which makes them a good team.

Ginga E Kickoff

  • When I see the teams playing in a grand stadium like this, with not a bunch of people in the stands, I was reminded of high school games in the city and my trip to a championship game back in college. If you check out the local championship games, and even in some college games, they always have them play in pro level stadiums, yet they usually don’t generate a big people count. I always used to find this weird, until I went to a championship game myself. I ended up going to a stadium where, for TV purposes, the people are placed on one side just so it seems like it’s pretty big. But on the other side, there’s barely anyone over there.¬†With a title on the line and a chance to go to the NCAA tournament however, I witnessed a big game atmosphere. It helped that the team that represents my school is there, so if you’re wondering why it’s so low in attendance in Ginga E Kickoff, don’t. It’s just how it is, and it’s not a bad thing.
  • Am I the only one getting annoyed with Reika’s voice whenever she attempts to get the ball in the goal now? I love that she finally is useful, but it’s just been assaulting my ears too much recently.
  • If these guys have a great strategy to defeat Amarillo, then they should definitely share it with the class.
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