Best Of Reference Resource Mondays (2012)


In a quiet world, I would be doing something tangible with my time as opposed to doing something as crazy as identifying the 27 best links of 2012. But I live in a very loud, demanding world, so of course I have to do something as crazy as this to stick out. I think.

Anyways, there was a lot of great content that I linked to for RRM this year that ultimately held its own when it came to being useful and somewhat relevant. The point is to link to the best from this year. Let’s just say this took a while to decide, and move on. Hopefully you’ll think these posts are pretty relevant as well!

  1. The End (2DT)
  2. Serial Experiments Trazor — The Tricks of The Trade (Trzr23)
  3. A New Found Appreciation For Manga (Leap250)
  4. What is “Art” (KentaMisaka)
  5. Why Don’t You Have Your Geek Dream Job (Lauren Orsini)
  6. Out of Print: First World Problems (Bateszi)
  7. 8 Accomplished Anime Staffers and the Work They’d Rather Forget (Kevo)
  8. The Mangaka Who Came In From The Cold: Please Unshaft These Artists (Mark)
  9. Podcast: Interview with Felipe Smith (Erin and Noah)
  10. Making a Living in Manga: 9 Reasons Why The U.S. Manga-Making Biz is Broken (Deb Aoki)
  11. Sexual Harrassment In Anime — Comedy, Carnivalesque, and Socially Constructed (Illogicalzen)
  12. In Appreciation of English-Voiced Anime Localizations (Ciddypoo)
  13. Anime is Not Getting Worse — We Only Lack Perspective (Marow)
  14. Your Blog Sucks — Criticism In The Aniblogosphere (Marow)
  15. Are Old Anime The New Hype? (Nadav)
  16. How Do You Rate Your Anime? (Iso)
  17. Discovering English Otome Games (Soaringwings)
  18. The Measure of A Good Anime? (Yumeka)
  19. Anime On TV — A Missed Opportunity (Tokyo_Sonata)
  20. How to Watch Anime: The Rule of Mami (Trollkastel)
  21. Musings: Elitism, ‘bad taste,’ and backlash (E Minor)
  22. Ten Notable Piano Solos in Anime (Yu)
  23. let’s visit toei (d.merrill)
  24. Hayate the Combat Butler: Illustrating Failure of U.S. Anime/Manga System (AstroNerdBoy)
  25. The Problem With Moe (soaringwings)
  26. On Blogging — My Philosophy on Blogging (Stilts)
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  1. Slowly going through all of these. Some very interesting articles too. I’m definitely checking out these blogs too. I might add some to my reader. Although that may cause me to be even slower with reading blog posts. xD

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