Fall Anime OP in Review

I was ordered to review some of the Fall season openings. I obliged.

Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!

Repetitive and generic J-pop — that’s all I can say for music. The animation, like every KyoAni show, is unsurprisingly fantastic. There’s a lot of energy in the animation despite the stale song. The pistol dance done by Rikka makes anyone smile. However, it is a disappointing opening song for the first anime parodying chuunibyous. It’s goddamn boring.

Girls und Panzer

For a show that relies on the bizarre fusion of tanks and cute girls, this OP is relatively stale. In fact, it sounds way too generic to be in the work. There is little to say than how misleading the opening song is; it makes the work look like a typical slice-of-life comedy. Of course, this has tanks that blow up shit as seen in the opening animation. So, as a Garupan fan, it’s a disappointing opening song to listen to. I expected something more military-like, not genericness. Maybe some tanks shooting at the end of the song, perhaps?

Hayate no Gotoku: I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

One of the ugliest shows on Earth and a cursed relic to remind Hayate fans that anything can be shit, this show has not disappointed with me with its awful J-pop music. The existence of this work frightens me. And anyone who sees this opening animation can know why. Those who have watched the previous Hayate shows know how energetic the opening shows are — and the fact it’s always by KOTOKO. eyelis is weak and it sounds more like a love insert song. The character designs are not improved at all. I hate this show and it pains me that, for a franchise I dearly adore, I want to bring it out of existence.

Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb

If you’ve enjoyed the previous Hidamari Sketch OPs (especially x365), you’ll love the hyper frenzy that is “Open Canvas.” The five seiyuus singing together creates a harmony of awful cuteness that cannot be measured by any instrument. Simple, short hiragana lyrics make the song catchy. Its well-loved surreal humor in the show is everywhere in this OP. It’s what you’d expect out of Hidamari Sketch really.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Part 1)

I have not heard of a song so suited for a show this season until Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, a show that is so over-the-top it’s just fun to watch. Production David uses 3D models to make it look like you’re watching the manga taking place. The song also feels like a homage to old shounen shows. And you have no choice but to sing along the hammy lines. What else can you say but one word, “JOJOOOOOOOOOOOO~”



Oh well, K — the pretentious fujioshi hipster anime we all come to know (and love) — has a pretty stupid-looking OP. Gangsta fonts as your staff credits wins no points from me. They just make it look like it’s worked on by children. The pretentiousness of the animation goes almost to SHAFT-level. It’s cool to look at but it’s overbearing to look at this over and over again. Everything about the animation cries “HIPSTER” to my ears. The music is bloody generic and the animation tries to carry the energy onwards. However, it just fails.

Little Busters!

The opening song is a remix of the original Little Busters! song. There are minor changes to the song, but what matters is Rita’s fantastic singing ability. Crisp vocals with a fascinating barrage of instruments vocalize the song. I’m glad that this didn’t change from the visual novel opening. The instruments are still strong and you never get bored from it. JC Staff’s animation is lackluster and the clichéd scenes just dampen the mood. However, I still watch the opening because the song is just that good. If this song makes Rita famous in the anime world, I will be a happy man.

Note to Little Busters! players: there is a retcon in the opening. Spot it and you will get a free pass on hating JC Staff.


When I think of Urobuchi, I think of gritty hellscapes and misanthropes dawdling around the cities. Dark and edgy enough to make your hand bleed. This opening animation captures what it is to be the Urobutcher: Black and white animation, grungy J-rock, Cowboy Bebop-like animation (his fascination with the West is appalling). The cool B&W animation with the red blood cells and everything else makes you pump up for the Urobutcher. So no matter what your sentiments are with PSYCHO-PASS, we can always look forward to the opening animation. It conveys what an Urobuchi work should be.


For a slice-of-life show centered on a bunch of high schoolers trying to create a fantastic robot, this sounds like something from a mecha show. Zwei, known for her badass songs, seem a bit too hyper for the opening animation. It’s like putting death metal music to an opening montage of flowers. Good J-rock music for your iPod but it’s disorienting for this show. I suggest switching this OP with Garupan and everything will be a-okay.

Shinsekai Yori

So pretentious it doesn’t have an OP.

Sukitte ii na yo

Love Hina’s opening, “Friendship”, makes a comeback in this show. It’s calming, but the OP is way too stale (still frames everywhere does not make it romantic, directors). Great choice of song, but the sleep-inducing animation is boring.


Childish drawings animated beautifully like the show itself.
A song with catchy instruments and lyrics that are nonsensical.
Has nothing to do with tennis.

I love this opening.

Tonari no Kaibatsu-kun

Shafty-like animation attempted by Brains Base doesn’t sound pleasing but it works well in this opening. There are complementary colors everywhere. Sometimes, their choices (e.g. that red and green scene) are a bit too much for me. But Brains Base is trying. Ideally, the opening animation director should develop a style that is balanced and cool. However, for a show that has a chicken as a main character, it’s an alright opening. It’s not SHAFT but we can do it.

Zetsuen no Tempest

This season, we have more English songs as anime openings and endings. Zetsuen no Tempest is a bit shaky with its handling on the song as background music at the beginning. But when the quick cuts happen, it’s finally on roll. Action and events happen at every frame afterwards. It’s engaging and you want to know more. Fluidity in the animation of characters is surprisingly good. I can see a good amount of budget being placed into making it look beautiful. This is a simple animation opening that deserves some praise.

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