Go for Broke: Tokyo Godfathers

Go For Broke

And this is the last, but not least, of the anime you guys chose for me, for better or for worse. The good aspect of this experience is that it finally gave me motivation to finish Sankarea and watch Tokyo Godfathers but I still can’t get over Heroman…

Anyway, the story of Tokyo Godfathers is the story of three people, three homeless people, an old man, an old woman who is actually a transsexual and a young girl who ran away from home. Knowing this you could already expect quite a movie, but it gets even weirder when, during Christmas Eve, they find a baby in a dumpster. Starting then, the three of them will try to give the baby back to their parents.

At first, I wasn’t too sure about Tokyo Godfathers. No aspect of the summary, nor the character designs really appealed to me. After the first minutes and until they found the baby, it reminded me of one of those Christmas family movies. I wasn’t too happy about that because I’m not really a fan of those kinds of movies since they’re usually devoid of any originality and are so far from reality that I can’t even give them that. After watching through the whole movie, in a way, Tokyo Godfathers is a Christmas movie, it isn’t really anything original but it sure felt more real than a lot of other things I have seen. Nothing ever goes perfectly well in real life.

One of the things I really appreciated in Tokyo Godfathers is the plot, it was simple, so simple that you sometimes forgot it even existed, but it allowed to focus on other things, mainly, the bond that our three characters share, but also the one they develop as the movie goes with new people. To me, Tokyo Godfathers was more about characters trying to figure out where they stood in life, what they missed and what they still wanted to accomplish. Finding the baby’s mother was just an excuse, it could have been anything else, but the fact it is a baby just adds a bit more humanity to characters that are usually considered to be outcasts. In this movie, everyone felt human, and the way the plot went felt real most of the time.

I quite liked these characters by the way, not only because they felt real and I felt closer to them than I usually do to other characters in anime. They’re simple humans, not just perfect pretty things who run around in a perfect world but humans with flaws and good sides to them. I found them to be complex and somehow endearing. I especially liked the old man, he is a liar and he left his family but it doesn’t mean he is a bad person, he’s just someone who made a mistake and who’s too much of a coward to fix it. It is pretty cute in a way.

The whole movie is cute if you ask me. I loved the succession of coincidences bringing them all to the end, it is that succession of little miracles that made me say it’s a Christmas movie, not only the fact it starts on Christmas Eve but the fact that a succession of little things like the ones who went through can bring so much joy. As well as I somehow found that there was a certain moral to this story, that not everything that seems bad at first is really bad. We saw people die, but it wasn’t even sad, at least I wasn’t sad, I usually am when someone dies in an anime, it wasn’t sad because that person didn’t die alone, nor did they die for nothing.

It was beautiful, the whole movie was beautiful.

The music too was beautiful, the seiyuu were a bunch of talented people who I don’t hear often, which is a good thing because as much as I love some of them, recognizing their voices is sometimes distracting.

If I had a complain to make about this movie it’s the fact it felt unfinished. I wanted to know what happened to Hana, Gin and Miyuki after the movie ended. They have thrown so many hints of various things in the movie that I was frustrated by how it ended without bringing any closure on the characters’ stories. Sure, the baby is back to its mother and I finally understood why the movie was called Tokyo Godfathers (no mafia sadly, or so little)  but I wanted to know even more about the characters.

I wasn’t really familiar with Satoshi Kon’s work, actually I even was a bit weary when I started (I have seen Paranoia Agent and had a hard time with it) but watching this made me want to see more of his stuff so I guess that’s a good thing.

As a conclusion, I’m sure you will have some free time during the holidays, and I also guarantee that nothing you could see on TV during this season will even come close to the greatness that was Tokyo Godfathers. Watching it will definitely be a good use of your time.

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