Ginga E Kickoff 28: How We Can Win

Ginga E Kickoff

I’m shocked – these guys aren’t dominating the competition like they did in the City Tournament. This clearly must be the worst Momoyama Predator team ever. And no, the 8v8 compared to 11v11 doesn’t fly with me!

…Though admittedly, there were some key differences explained in Episode 28 of Ginga E Kickoff: despite it only being limited to 8 players that move around, the space is pretty large. That means more ways to exploit the defense – or in the case of the Shakujii Rivers, to play a defense that takes full advantage of the limitations (using 1-2-1-2-1 formation) to apparently dominate the competition. If they had a star player, then it would have been worrisome from start to finish. They don’t, which is definitely the reason they lost…aside from the fact that Shou took it upon himself to call for a change in the lineup, which put the Predators superior talent to good use.

This Ginga E Kickoff episode reminded me of how far we had come since the beginning of the series. Remember when Shou was useless, how the Triplets wouldn’t listen to anyone, and when the team was formed everyone would have countless problems with each other about where to pass it or the usefulness of said player (ahem, Reika and Shou)? Now everyone seems to want to listen to each other – I mean, if Kota’s gonna take orders from Shou when he is not the best player on the team, then it shows this team is ready to finally go make a run and win it all…

…Which is of course how Ginga E Kickoff is set up. I’m almost certain we already know how it’ll end – with them winning at the Future Cup. Sure they’ll be some drama that’ll convince me that they’re gonna lose, but the main cast has gone through their struggles already, and now that everyone’s together and went through their training camp, they should be ready for any challenge that comes up…even if they have to face a team solely consisting of GUTS. We remember how they did when they faced a player with just GUTS. Now they have to face a whole team consisting of just…GUTS.

I have no idea who will be the key player in episode 29.

Anyways, apologizes for the late Ginga E Kickoff post. I got distracted by a video game.

Ginga E Kickoff


  • I found it pretty cool the team tried to do a blind soccer match. Obviously it helped the Triplets and Shou, so it only makes sense that everyone else does it. I wonder if it’s effective for an actual team in real life though. The show has been fairly realistic (I still can’t get over that banana shot) for the most part, so who knows?
  • At some point, Shou’s gotta know to read his surroundings. On the pitch. When soccer is supposed to be played. YEAHHHHH….good luck with that. What’s with the shoujo vibe here?!?
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