Sunday Spotlight: Don’t Make Me Suffer and Vote For The Right Old School Anime

“Laziness: confirmed.”

As of the time of this post, I am either sleeping soundly like a baby or doing retreat like things somewhere in the state of NJ. But when I come back, I expect to see a fervent race between two series. Both are shows that aired past the 90’s. Both are shows of varying quality. Both are shows that I could be blogging irregularly. And both are definitely shows I can drop without a care in the world. However, I’m giving you all a chance to help me decide which show I should blog for a bit, and if I like them, I’ll blog them until the end…or whenever subs come out. So I implore you, vote with your heart and not with evil intentions.

Let me go blog GeGeGe No Kitaro and not Lucy-May of The Southern Rainbow.

Tale of The Tape:

GeGeGe No Kitaro (1971)

GeGeGe No Kitaro (1971)
Original Creator: Shigeru Mizuki
Serialized in: Weekly Shonen Magazine
Director: Isao Takahata
Studio: Toei Animation
One Sentence Summary: It’s a story about a kid who has to defeat monsters — Ep 1 involved poop monsters.

Why this series is a contender: As it turned out, this GeGeGe No Kitaro is actually not the first one. There was a 1968 version of it. But I didn’t know until I searched it later, but I decided to watch it anyways. Despite not knowing what happened in the first anime version, I was able to get right in with this one. It didn’t even take me very long to even enjoy it, and wonder why the hell Kitaro’s sandal was used like a boomerang. I mean, it had poop monsters as an enemy:

GeGeGe No Kitaro (1971)
“**** monsters! *** monsters!!!”

And then he even takes control of the main poop monster somehow. I mean, that’s kind of difficult to defeat. So, with the manga coming to the U.S next year (despite the possibility that I’ll be ahead of the manga), at least I won’t go into it cold and as I blog the series, I’ll know for sure what I’ll be getting into.

Why This Series is a Pretender: I mean, it looks like it’ll be your typical monster of the week series. It also might be a bad thing that I didn’t watch the first series. There’s literally nothing here that makes it suitable for blogging weekly, unless I want to go into hibernation. I’d rather not go into hibernation.


Lucy-May of The Southern Rainbow

Lucy-May of The Southern Rainbow

Original Creator: Phyllis Piddington (Southern Rainbow novel)
Director: Hiroshi Saito
Studio: Nippon Animation
One Sentence Summary: The Ultimate Slice of Life

Why It’s a Contender: This has all the makings of a slice of life, as it tells the story about a family moving to Australia to run a farm. It features animals, is a show Wikipedia has no real information on, and could get interesting in a couple of episodes. Maybe this can provide some commentary on society back in the times it was set.

Why It’s A Pretender: …Assuming I don’t fall asleep while the episode is going on. If you force me to blog about this show, you’ll be forcing me to write about a series where nothing actually happens. Oh my god, I…I was like what the heck is going on here? I would be down to rewatching Ep 1, but I’m pretty sure I won’t like it any better than I did the first time. The only hope is that it gets better as the series goes on…but I won’t hold my breath. I don’t have great prospects for this series, and none of you should force me to work so hard to blog this series.

But alas, I leave my fate to all of you. The poll will run for two days I guess. But I’m confident you’ll want to know more about GeGeGe No Kitaro than…some slice of life snoozefest.

Choose The Series I Should Blog

  • Lucy-May of The Southern Rainbow (69%, 9 Votes)
  • GeGeGe No Kitaro (1971) (31%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 13

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Spotlight: Don’t Make Me Suffer and Vote For The Right Old School Anime

  1. I voted for GeGeGe No Kitaro. I tried to be nice~ :)

    I actually watched one of the newest versions of the show from the franchise, and it wasn’t all that bad (Hakaba Kitarou). I doubt you’ll need the previous series to understand what’s going on, its just a weird show where weird things happen.

    • Yay! And thus, starts the comeback and the potential save from mediocrity 😀

      Yeah, I didn’t know there was a recent one — and it aired on noitaminA! I guess I’ll have to check that one out sometime soon!

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