Reference Resource Mondays

In this week’s Reference Resource Mondays…it’s been a while since I’ve chosen a summer anime to pick out. So I guess I’ll go with one of the NoitaminA shows this month…mainly the only one I’ve watched because the other is a sequel. Guess that eliminates Moyashimon.

But what are we to make of Atsushi’s journey into the symbolic world? For much of the series, he is voiceless to everyone but Hazuki. He has now gained a voice, but the twist is it is not his own. More importantly, the extra dimension of the voice adds an interesting development to Atsushi’s character. Viewers have commented on the disparity between Atsushi’s portrayal in Rokka’s memories versus the portrayal of the ghost we often see. In Rokka’s memories, Atsushi repeatedly tried to push her away or end their marriage. It’s safe to assume he didn’t want the guilt of leaving Rokka a widow.
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