Life As A Manga Fan In The United Arab Emirates

Life as a manga fan in the UAE

So I ended up writing an article about why it’s worth it to buy manga. While attempting to do research into it, I admit I was looking into resources that did buy manga that didn’t live in the US. You can make the case I did a poor job! I only ended up getting in touch with people I already knew, and in the end, I only got one person who doesn’t live here to take part. So I still got a ways to go in doing research for articles like that.

But I did say I got one. And well, as always, I’m always curious.

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Go for Broke: Chuunibyou demo koi ga shitai ren

Go For Broke

Dear friends. Today is a very sad day. 

Today is the day you will read the last edition of my Go for Broke column. The two years (or was it more?) we spent together and I annoyed you with my columns ever week, babbling about every anime I have watched, were wonderful.

But today everything has come to an end. Today I have to say good bye. 

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Reference Resource Mondays: Wait…This Wasn’t Planned


So last week I skipped Reference Resource Mondays with the full intention of catching up with all the anime because…that’s good, and I’ll be feeling adjusted with stuff I’m watching.

But no, that didn’t happen. And with my work schedule this week, I’ll be hilarious if I do catch up to anything. If I do, it’ll be because I mastered space and time. But I’ll stop whining about my schedule and well, get to actually providing links to good reads.

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