The Heavy Atmosphere of Knights of Sidonia

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Knights of Sidonia

vlcsnap-2014-04-12-10h43m54s92Manjiorin: 1000 years ago, humanity was attacked by an alien race known as Guana, and some were lucky enough to escape on ships now adrift in space. Tanizake Nagate has spent his entire life underground on one such ship, the Sidonia. Now Nagate finds himself above ground and drafted as mecha pilot in an effort to fight the Guana.

So, I’ve been looking forward to Knights of Sidonia, as a collector of Vertical’s English manga release. While I initially put off by the CGI in the PV previews, Sidonia is… pretty enjoyable.

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Justin’s Bizarre Anime Backlog, Week 1

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Keima mode

Welp, since I admitted that I was forgoing the Spring Anime season (aside from Jojo), I felt that I might as well prove to you that I’m taking this backlog thing very seriously. So seriously, that crying over it is allowed:

And serious enough to write about my exploits every week. Or at least try to. Just so none of you think I’m skipping out. Or something. Especially since I don’t plan on whining about it on Twitter too much. In case you don’t know what my backlog consists of, here you go.

Now let’s see how much progress I’ve made!

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Spring Anime 2014 Impressions: Soul Eater Not!, Mekaku City Actors

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Soul Eater Not!

Naru: Five years after the end of the Soul Eater anime produced by Bones, we’re given the chance to see once more its colorful, punk-gothic-street-ish-whatever and original universe thanks to the spin-off of the original work getting adapted at its turn, Soul Eater Not!.

As the title indicates, the spin-off is not exactly the Soul Eater that we know, meaning new characters, a possibly new plot –the beginning of this story takes place before the whole Medusa arc-, and so on. While we do get to see Maka and Co. doing who-knows-what around Death City, the story remains completely focused on a set of new characters who start their first year at Death Meister and Weapon Academy: The under-confident Tsugumi, the air-head Meme, and the rich Tsundere Anya.

Soul Eater Not - 1

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Reference Resource Mondays: Finding Spring Anime

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Man, this is it. The week of all the weeks. The week that will decide my busy schedule fate. I mean if it will make my schedule extremely busy. If it’s good, maybe I’ll update you guys next week. If not, you can carry on with your lives, I care not.

Anyways, this Reference Resource Mondays has a bunch of Spring anime stuff. So yeah, you’ll have to deal with that, whether you like it or not!

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