No Seiyuu No Life: Kana Hanazawa

Hello again ladies and gentlemen, today is the day I do the second edition of this column. It’s still in the planning stage and I still would appreciate some advice if you have some time? Please?

In other news and completely unrelated, as of today I have quit my job. I still have one month to go and I don’t know if I’ll survive but I will definitely try.

Anyways, without further ado, today’s seiyuu of the last two weeks is Kana Hanazawa! Are you surprised?

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Where Andy Nakatani Thinks Weekly Shonen Jump Is Heading

For a lot of reasons, I was only able to speak to most of the people I talked to at NYCC for a short period. Here’s another somewhat brief one that also happened unexpectedly: my interview with Editor-in-Chief of the English, or US version, of Weekly Shonen Jump, Andy Nakatani.

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Is Censorship Killing Terraformars?

No anime season is complete without a little bit of controversy, and the 2014 fall season is no different. One of the first shows of the season to get simulcast, Terraformars, seems to be at the center of the latest “controversy” with its abundance of black boxes and gradients going and censoring the gratuitous violence.

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Reference Resource Mondays: On Hiatus Until December


This is basically the portion where you can assume, “Oh great, Justin’s finally about to go whine about why he’s no longer doing Reference Resource Mondays,” because yeah, this is the part where I go whine about no longer doing Reference Resource Mondays…until December.

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